A Successful Future Starts Now

A company must identify the needs of its target, customers and prospects who are likely to buy its products and services. This is generally the definition of marketing. Once this important step is done, you have to look for an effective communication strategy.

SMS marketing then intervenes as a tool that proves to be advantageous for companies in many respects.

Sending commercial SMS is very beneficial. Here are the reasons why you might want to get a text message marketing.

The advantages of SMS marketing ecommerce.

An affordable price.

This is what strikes e-merchants, especially when they start to take an interest in the communication tool by SMS.

Setting up a campaign does not cost much, in proportion to all the other tools, whether it is sending emails or the presence of banners on social networks or others. On average, it is much cheaper to send an SMS to customers.

Speed of installation.

Without counting the time spent upstream to sort the list of contacts and to import it into the specialized platform for sending SMS, 3 minutes are enough to prepare everything and send the message to the recipients.

Lack of specific skills.

With sending SMS, you don’t need to be an expert. The only skill required is to know how to write a concise and clear message, which makes readers want to click on the link to learn more.

An essential rule for SMS campaigns.


It is inappropriate to think that frequently texting customers will increase sales almost exponentially. The golden rule is to be present, but not heavy. This means that the online store manifests its presence to its customers from time to time, but that each SMS sent must be of certain interest.


There may be times when the sender has really amazing offers to pass on to their customers. If it’s legitimate and it’s for a short time, why not. But it will then be necessary to monitor the “STOP SMS”: if the statistics table displays too many unsubscriptions or more than usual, then it will be time to reduce the pace.

In conclusion,

SMS marketing ecommerce has experienced a real boom in recent years. Its advantages are numerous in particular because today everyone has a cell phone.

Ultimately, sending commercial SMS is a good marketing solution that requires little financial means and little time to devote to it, for interesting benefits in terms of turnover.