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Motorcycle accidents are all too common in today’s world. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 5,014 motorcycle fatalities in 2019 alone, 42% of total traffic fatalities for that year. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, contact a motorcycle attorney immediately. Here is the process of finding a motorcycle lawyer.

Contact Your Insurance Company After the Accident

The first step in finding a motorcycle lawyer who understands California motorcycle laws by state is to contact your auto insurance provider. Some motorcycle insurance providers have personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. This covers injuries resulting from an accident. If you are unsure if you have this benefit or who to call, contact your insurer directly and ask.

Ask friends, family, and colleagues for referrals

The referral of a friend or relative is the best method of finding an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. If they know of someone truly knowledgeable in this area of law, it would be beneficial to contact them for a consultation.


Many directories offer attorneys by geographical location, such as American Legal Publishing’s Find a Lawyer directory. This online resource breaks down attorneys by state and town for accessible location.

Use the Internet to your advantage when finding a motorcycle lawyer. A simple search engine such as Google or Bing can bring up multiple results that list attorneys in alphabetical order, starting with “A” and then followed by the city and state where they are located. You can also conduct an internet search with the state name followed by the word “lawyer” to see numerous results for lawyers practicing in your area.

Look for a Lawyer with a Good Reputation

Your best bet is to contact a motorcycle club or association in your area and ask them for their recommendations. Many bikers in the same local community will know who the reputable lawyers are and make suggestions based on personal experience. You may encounter some unfavorable information, so do not let this deter you or cause you to lose confidence in finding a motorcycle lawyer.

Experience, Qualifications, and Charges

There are many things that you need to keep in mind when finding a motorcycle lawyer. First, an experienced attorney will have settled many cases and is familiar with the claims process. Experienced lawyers also understand how insurance companies work, and some may even specialize in dealing with them. Therefore consider an attorney with broad experience and credentials to support their qualification.

Some attorneys will offer a free consultation, and you should take advantage of this if it is offered. It will allow you to find out more about the particular motorcycle accident attorney’s level of experience.

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