InfoFind Version History


This support document lists the different versions of InfoFind, and what was changed in each version. The main focus of Omnicognic is that each version of InfoFind is stable and does not need to be upgraded as long as you use your computer. Even though InfoFind is very stable, errors will occasionally be found for specific versions of Windows and new features will be added. If you have already installed InfoFind and it works correctly for all features that you use then you do not need to upgrade, however if you wish to upgrade then this document will provide a list of changes and new features for each version of InfoFind. To upgrade all you need to do is simply download the latest version of InfoFind from the main download link and then reinstall it over your existing version.

Versions of InfoFind

1.0.767 (7/2/2010)
New features, updates, and fixes included with this version and are listed below. To download this version of InfoFind click here.
  • InfoFind is converted from a program that cost money for some features to an entirely free program; removed software key so all premium features are now free.
  • Added a new major feature the Database Data Finder Form.
  • Added a new major feature to the picture viewer; added the ability to easily resize all images in a folder to the highest quality thumbnails and with great control over the size of the finished product.
  • Database Definition updates to support field queries and date formats for the Data Finder.
  • Improved support for MySQL 5 in the Database Manager.
  • New Welcome Screen for Windows XP and Above, Content Updates for Other Versions of Windows.
  • Computer History Form - Improved Support for Firefox 3 and above, previous versions of InfoFind would include Bookmarks for Firefox 3 in the History Section; Added Support for Office 2010, IE 8, Opera 10, Safari 4 and 5, and Google Chrome 4 and 5.
  • Improvements to Form Layouts of Computer History and Computer Security Forms for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
  • Ability to view all folder contents on a computer, previous versions of InfoFind would open the History Form rather than showing the folder contents for computer history locations.
  • Rearranged Links on the Startup Panel.
  • Database Manager - updated layout to work better with Windows 7.
  • Pictures Web Report - Fixed a bug that prevented this from working correctly in Windows 7.
  • Improvements to how the Menu bar displays on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Quick Help - fixed a bug that caused the header image to show incorrectly on Windows 95 computers. Previously Windows 95 Computers would show the image as a solid color with lines through it, now it correctly shows just the sold color.
  • Added new Calculator functions – HTMLColor() and BlendColor().
  • Changed behavior of Excel Database Export Reports to trim spacing from the data; added an option to turn on or off, setting is turned on by default.
  • Additional improvements for format of data in Excel Reports.
  • Improved Installed Programs Form to show all Installed Programs for 64-Bit versions of Windows and improved Installed Programs to better display certain Windows Updates.
  • Updates to InfoFind's Main Icon, the Icon on the InfoFind Splash Screen, and the Icon on the About Dialog Graphic.
  • Added a larger Splash Screen / Startup Form for computer with monitors that display 2 million (2,000,000) or more total pixels. For example a 24 inch high definition monitor with resolutions of 1920 x 1080 will display the larger Startup Form.
  • New Form Icons - Database Form, Database Connections, Database Applications, Database Description, Database File, Database Form Manager, New Database Form, Update Queries, Copy Table, Split Table, System Information, Favorite Programs, Running Programs, Start Up Programs, Installed Programs, File Search
  • Improvements for Line Count on File Search of Files line delimited with ASCII character 10, previously searches would handles lines delimited with either ASCII 13+10 or ASCII 13.
  • Bug Fix for opening InfoFind on Netbook or small Screen where MDI Child Min/Max/Close Controls appear in wrong place.
  • Fixed a bug for web pages where the web page toolbar did not function correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong files to be extracted when extracting selected files from a zip file after the contents of the zip were sorted.
  • Fixed a bug on the options form; when clicking the [Reset] button the settings folder would be saved to the wrong folder "{Settings}\InfoFind" rather than "{Settings}\InfoFind\V1".
  • Changed InfoFind's EULA for a Free Use License over a Commercial License and added the EULA to the About Dialog Screen.
  • Improved Database Applications for queries with fields that have a database reserved words as the field definition. All queries now use field identifiers for all SQL Statements – for Example Oracle and IBM use "Field Name" while Microsoft uses [Field Name]. Previously the field identifiers would only be used on columns with a space, period symbol, or numeric field names.
  • Highlighting of 'LIKE' Keyword for SQL Files and in SQL Workspaces on Database Forms.
  • Removed Right-Click menu from Calculator, Programming Language Form, and Database SQL Entry Controls; the undo menu added in the previous version did not behave in a predictable enough manner for this feature to be enabled.
  • Color Picker - prefix HTML Color with # symbol.
  • Added Search to Help File and updated a number of Help Topics.
Updated files are listed in the table below:
Name Version Size Date Modified
# of Files: 2
InfoFind.chm N/A 6,188 KB 7/1/2010 1:55:56 AM
InfoFind.exe 9,646 KB 7/1/2010 2:02:43 AM
1.0.766 (4/26/2009)
New features, updates, and fixes included with this version and are listed below. To download this version of InfoFind click here.
  • Thumbnails of AutoCAD Drawings (*.dwg, *.dwt, *.dws) are now displayed with the Picture Viewer. Various options have been added for reporting of AutoCAD Drawings in the Picture Viewer.
  • Added a File Properties Form for AutoCAD Drawings. The form includes AutoCAD version information and drawing preview and can be accessed from the file viewer after right-clicking on an AutoCAD Drawing and choosing [Addition Properties].
  • Significantly improved the speed of displaying and filtering objects in the Database Manager for large Databases.
  • Updated Start Up Programs Form so that Program names and descriptions of Services, Drivers, and WinSock Providers will display correctly in the Windows 7 Beta.
  • Added a right-click edit menu to Rich-Text Edit Controls on the following forms: Document File Form, Programming Language Form, Calculator, Calculator Functions & Variables, Notes, and Database Forms.
  • Added a Find feature to the Document and Programming Language File Forms. The find feature can be turned on or off by pressing [Ctrl]-[F] on the keyboard when the Document Form is open.
  • Added the ability to turn on or off word-wrap by pressing [Ctrl]-[W] on the keyboard for the Document, Large File Viewer, and Programming Language File Forms.
  • Updated Picture Viewer so that the Address Bar will remember typed in folders. The History Form has also been updated to include this information.
  • Added an Option that allows CSV Files to be opened with either Excel or InfoFind. Version 1.0.765 would always open the files with InfoFind. Other previous versions would always first try to open the files with Excel and only if Excel wasn't available then InfoFind.
  • Fixed a Bug where pressing [Ctrl]-[S] on a List Control would only save to the list if the file had been previously created through the right-click menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the File Viewer that caused the wrong file to be selected when right-clicking on a file when smart sorting was enabled and when the file list is sorted. In prior versions that had the bug the file highlighting was wrong but the action was performed on the correct file.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the file viewer to give a warning about Office 2007 not being installed when opening *.xps documents on certain computes. The files are now correctly opened with the xps file viewer when it is installed.
  • Updated text content in the main screen of the Computer History form.
  • Changed how the Welcome Screen prints.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new buttons from being relabeled on the database entry form.
  • Changed default web page for InfoFind’s web browser from [] to [].
  • Updated [Online] menu so that [Purchase] menu item will not show if InfoFind has already been registered.
Updated files are listed in the table below:
Name Version Size Date Modified
# of Files: 2
InfoFind.chm N/A 5,273 KB 4/26/2009 4:38:48 AM
InfoFind.exe 8,018 KB 4/26/2009 3:53:12 AM
1.0.765 (2/20/2009)
New features, updates, and fixes included with this version and are listed below. To download this version of InfoFind click here.
  • Added VeriSign Digital Signature to InfoFind.exe, Data64.exe, and "InfoFind Setup.exe"
  • Added [Online Help] Menu Item under the [Help] Menu. All support topics have also been added online and InfoFind can now link to both online and offline help.
  • Added [Online] Menu with links to Omnicognic's Web Site.
  • Added Support for Google Chrome in the History Form; Google Chrome History includes 15 new history lists.
  • Added Support for Adobe Acrobat Reader Versions 8 and 9 in the History Form.
  • Improved ability of History Form to find the icons of the programs displayed in the list.
  • Fixed a time zone calculation bug with Apple Safari Lists in the History Form.
  • Relabeled Column "File" to "Address" for Computer History and Internet Explorer History Lists.
  • Updated Data64.exe from version to
  • Modified the Database Definitions Editor and Database Manager to support Teradata Databases and added Teradata Queries to the Database Definitions List.
  • Improved Excel Report Formatting; previously if a report had several columns with empty data the filter might have started on the second row rather than the first.
  • Fixed spelling error in Web Page Picture Slide Show Report that listed thumbnail images as "Thumnail" rather then the correct spelling of "Thumbnail".
  • Added Option to enter different values for ALT and TITLE on the Web Page Picture Slide Show Report.
  • Upgrade JavaScript files from versions 1.0 to 1.04 and from to 1.102 to 1.105.
  • When opening PDF files with the File Viewer previous versions of InfoFind would try to open the files with Photoshop or give an error message rather than opening the files with Adobe Reader or another program. This has now been fixed and PDF Files are opened with the default program.
  • Added a special message prompt for Database Query Export Errors when a Binary, Picture, or OLE field type is being exported. These types of fields cannot be exported to Excel from the Database Manager.
  • Added the following words to list of Highlighted SQL Keywords: FETCH, FIRST, MACRO, ONLY, PROCEDURE, ROWS, SHOW, TOP
  • Added Strings List feature to the Advanced File Properties Form.
  • Added "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" to the list of programs that are always found by the Favorites Program Form.
  • Fixed two typos in Measurement Help Documentation: (1) the symbol for peta was listed as "P>" rather than "P", and (2) the writing guide wrote "kilo-pascalM" rather than "kilo-pascal".
  • Minor grammar corrections for both Computer History and Running Programs Help Documentation.
  • Added content to the Computer Security Help Documentation.
  • Added new content to the Computer Security Form and changed how the Form prints.
  • Fixed Help Documentation Displayed for the Video Form. Previously the Music Form Help was displayed for the Video Form.
  • Updated Music and Video Help Documentation.
  • Updated Content in the Welcome Screen.
  • Improved F1 Help for Measurements Form, Database Manager, Programming and Zip Files Forms; previous versions of InfoFind did not always go to the help topic when pressing F1.
  • Updated Credits in the About Form.
  • Reorganized several topics on the tree in the Help Documentation.
Updated files are listed in the table below:
Name Version Size Date Modified
# of Files: 3
Data64.exe 12 KB 2/16/2009 5:20:16 AM
InfoFind.chm N/A 5,077 KB 2/17/2009 1:22:43 AM
InfoFind.exe 7,962 KB 2/17/2009 12:44:48 AM
1.0.764 (9/1/2008)
An update for this version is listed listed below. To download this version of InfoFind click here.
  • Upgrade JavaScript file from 1.101 to 1.102 for the Photo Slide Shows feature. A change in Opera 9.5 caused the function [InfoFind.HTML.Element.SetOpacity] to stop working in that version of Opera. This is now fixed and Opera 9.5 can properly display slide show and animation.
Updated files are listed in the table below:
Name Version Size Date Modified
# of Files: 1
InfoFind.exe 7,780 KB 9/1/2008 4:56:00 AM
1.0.763 (8/20/2008)
Several fixes included with this version and are listed below. To download this version of InfoFind click here.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when opening the history form and Firefox 3 is open and refreshing a page. The error number is [-2147221504] and the error description is [database is locked]. Because of this error favorite icons could not be displayed.
  • Possible error with Firefox 3 when viewing temporary files.
Updated files are listed in the table below:
Name Version Size Date Modified
# of Files: 1
InfoFind.exe 7,780 KB 8/20/2008 2:35:12 AM
1.0.762 (8/11/2008)
Several updates and fixes included with this version and are listed below. To download this version of InfoFind click here.
  • Fixed a bug on Tablet Computers for the Unit Conversion Form, Roman Numerals Form Year List, and the About Form File List. When clicking on one of these lists on a Tablet PC when first opening InfoFind before opening other forms, InfoFind might crash on Tablet computers with a fatal error. This is now fixed with InfoFind version (1.0.762).
  • Upgrade JavaScript file from 1.1 to 1.101 for the Photo Slide Shows feature. Version 1.101 of InfoFind.js includes a fix for bugs in functions [InfoFind.HTML.Element.AddClass] and [InfoFind.HTML.Element.RemoveClass].
  • Relabeled the form [Unit Conversion] to [Measurements]; also updated help file to reflect labeling changes for the form.
  • About Menu Form File list now displays file icons for each file.
Updated files are listed in the table below:
Name Version Size Date Modified
# of Files: 2
InfoFind.chm N/A 4,839 KB 8/10/2008 11:15:14 PM
InfoFind.exe 7,772 KB 8/10/2008 10:24:40 PM
1.0.761 (7/28/2008)
This is the first version of InfoFind that was release on the internet. To download this version of InfoFind click here.