How to view and edit Databases Definitions in InfoFind

Opening this Form

You can access this form from the Options Dialog Form. To open the Options Dialog Form go to the menu [Information]->[Options] or from the main toolbar by click on the button [Program Options]. In the Options Form click the button [Edit Database Defintions] to view this form.

Database Definitions

You can modify or add database definitions from the Database Description editor, however working with this form requires knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) and knowledge of the system tables for the database definition that you want to work with.

To add a new database select “{New Database}” from the database drop-down. In the Query Properties Tab the Query Formats are used by a number of Forms in InfoFind and the Date Format and Field Type Names are used by the Database Data Finder. If modifying the Database Descriptions first look at some of the existing descriptions so it is clear what needs to be entered.

InfoFind Database Definition Editor

The Queries Tab is where Queries for all Database Objects are entered. Field Queries are used by the Database Data Finder and all other queries are used in the Database Manager. To make changes to a query select it from the list on the bottom of the screen then make changes in the text controls and then click the [Update] button. To add a query click [New], enter the query, and then click [Update]. Each query type expects certain fields to be defined; for example a Tables query requires TABLE_NAME or TABLE_NAME and TABLE_OWNER to be defined. When clicking update if a required field is missing InfoFind will tell you what it is. The best way to work with this is first review existing queries to have an understanding of how it works.

InfoFind Database Definition Editor

Supported Databases

By default the following databases are supported for InfoFind.
IBM AS/400
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server