How to split a Database Table with InfoFind


If you are migrating databases and want to convert a table from a flat file table into two relational tables then you can use this form to do so.

Opening the Split Table Form

You can open the Split Table Form from the menu [Database]->[Split Table].

Using the Split Table Form

To use this form fill in all of the information on the top of the screen about the databases and tables to use. Then on the bottom of the screen match the fields that you want to copy. You can first do this automatically by clicking the button [Match Fields], then after that you can make additional changes to the field mappings. And then click the [Split Table] button to update the database. Depending upon the size and speed of the database this action could take only seconds for a small table too many hours on a large table. The updates are completed one record at a time so using this form will not take much processing power of a server and it can be run in a production environment.

InfoFind Split Database Table Form

InfoFind Split Database Table Form