How to use InfoFind's Database Drill-Down Form

Opening Database Forms

You can access database forms from the menu [Database]->[Database Applications]. Any form that you have created will show up as a link on the Database Applications form. If no database forms are saved on your computer then you will be prompted to create sample applications that you can use.

Database Drill-Down Form

This form allows you to quickly find records by searching through one or more fields. When the form opens click on the values for the fields of the data that you want to see. For example, if filtering by year and month you will first see a list of all available years. Click on the year that you want to see. Then you will see a list of all available months for that year. Click on the month that you want to see. Then you will see a list of all records that match your criteria. You can filter the records with controls at the top of the form. To create an Excel report of all displayed records click on the [Excel] button in the toolbar. If the list is linked to an entry form you can click on an individual record to edit it or see all fields.

Example filtering by Year and then Month - First choose a year.

InfoFind Database Drill-Down Form

Then choose a month for the year that you choose.

InfoFind Database Drill-Down Form

Now you can see just the data for the specific Year and Month.

InfoFind Database Drill-Down Form

Editing the Form

To change the layout of the form click the [Design Form] button from the toolbar. You can then select new properties for the drill-down form.

InfoFind Database Drill-Down Form Properties

This section requires some knowledge of how databases work and understanding of common database terminology.
Form Properties
ApplicationName of the Application so that Forms can be displayed grouped by Application from the Database Applications Form.
TitleTitle of the Specific Form. Each Form must have a unique Application and Title.
Connection TypeType of Database Connection.
ConnectionDatabase Connection String. Click the […] button to define the string.
Db TypeThe type of Database (Database Vendor) for the Form’s Database.
GradientIf checked then a Gradient will be displayed for the Form’s background.
Table/ViewTable, View, or Query in the Database where the data is displayed from.
FieldsFields that will show in the list when the records are displayed. You can select fields from a list by first selecting a Table or View and then clicking the […] button.
Field TypesData type for each field. This allows data to be formatted in specific formats. To use this feature first select the fields and then click the […] button to select the data types.
CriteriaThis field allows you to specific a SQL WHERE clause to control what data is first displayed.
Order ByThis field allows you to specific a SQL ORDER BY clause to control how data is first sorted.
Drill-Down FieldsDrill-Down Fields control how the search screens display data. A search screen will be displayed for each field in the selection in the order of left to right. Drill-Down Labels can be used to display a title for the column being displayed. To select Drill-Down Fields click the button [Select a Date Field for Year/Month] for a date filter or click the button [Select your own Fields] to select any combination of field from the table.
Drill-Down Labels
Link FormThe Link Form is the Entry Form that will be displayed when you click on a record.
Link FieldLink Field is used with Link Form and will determine what field is used to display the record. This property should be filled in with the primary key or a unique value.