How to use InfoFind's Video Manager


Many people often use different video programs for different types of video files. InfoFind allows you to access all of these files from the same screen and InfoFind allows you to quickly filter for specific files.

Note – this is not a major feature of InfoFind and if you use just one program to manage all your videos then this form will offer nothing new that you cannot already do. However if you are not sure where the video files on your computer are located then you can use this form to find them.

Opening the Video Manager

You can access the Video Manager from the menu [Media]->[Videos].

Using the Video Manager

When you first open this form you will be prompted to allow InfoFind to find your video files. At any time you can add or remove files from your list by using the toolbar at the top of the screen. Your video list is always remembered each time you open InfoFind. To find a specific file type any part of the file name in the filter text box at the top of the screen. To play a video from the list, double-click on the video that you want to play.

InfoFind Video Form