How to view Web Pages with InfoFind

Opening Web Pages

You can open Web Pages from the menu [Media]->[Internet] or from the file viewer when you click on an html file.

Browsing the Internet with InfoFind

InfoFind allows you to browse the Internet or view HTML files saved on your computer or network. Internet Explorer is installed on your computer and lets you view web pages one at a time. This form uses Internet Explorer but allows you to view several web pages on the same screen. InfoFind does not contain many web browsing features so you would not want to use it in replace of your web browser but InfoFind is useful if you want to compare pages or see more than one page at a time. You can use this form as you would use your standard Web Browser. To go to a new page enter the URL in the address bar at the top of the screen. A toolbar at the top allows you to go Back, Forward and Refresh or Stop a page from loading.

InfoFind Web Browser