How to Use InfoFind's Computer Security Form


Computer Security is a complex and confusing topic due to the large amount of information on it. InfoFind’s Computer Security Form provides a basic overview of common threats and links to the most widely used and trusted security vendors. InfoFind does not provide functionality to remove viruses or malicious programs but it does help you find trusted solutions that work. In addition this form provides to quick access to forms that help with computer or file security and on Windows XP and above this form will display a button that links to the Windows Security Center.

Opening the Computer Security Form

You can access the Computer Security Form from the menu [Information]->[Computer Security].

InfoFind Information Menu

Using the Computer Security Form

Clicking on the button [Security Forms] will display a menu with quick access to several forms related to computer security in InfoFind. For example listing startup and running programs on a computer are related to security because they can help determine if any unwanted or malicious programs are installed. Encryption is a topic of general security because it can help keep information private and secure. The following forms are linked from this menu:
The main part of the Computer Security Form contains a document with general information on computer security and links to the most widely used security software vendors.

InfoFind Computer Security

On Windows XP and above the button [Windows Security Manager] will be displayed. When you click the button you will be taken to the Windows Security Center which you can use to determine if your computer is update to date and secure. Below is an example of Windows Security Center on Vista.

Windows Vista Security Center

Additional Help

The United States federal government and the technology industry have developed practical tips to help you guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information. Click on the link or image below to learn more.