List of Measurements included with InfoFind


InfoFind includes a detailed Measurement Converter that contains more then 1,000 units for 82 different categories. All measurements in InfoFind are thoroughly researched and accurately calculated. For information on InfoFind’s Measurement Converter click this link. The full list of measurements included with InfoFind is listed below in this document. The print screen below shows InfoFind’s Measurement Converter. Even though InfoFind includes a large number of units, only common units are initially displayed and searching for and filtering units is very fast and easy to do.

InfoFind Measurement Conversion

Unit Categories

     Amount of Substance
     Amount of Substance, Concentration
     Angle, Plane
     Angular Acceleration
     Angular Velocity
     Coefficient of Heat Transfer
     Data Transfer Rate
     Density of Heat
     Density of Heat Flow Rate
     Electric Capacitance
     Electric Charge
     Electric Conductance
     Electric Current
     Electric Current Density
     Electric Field Strength
     Electric Inductance
     Electric Potential
     Electric Resistance
     Electric Resistivity
     Electric Resistivity Area
     Flow, Mass
     Flow, Volume
     Fuel Consumption
     Fuel Consumption Mass
     Fuel Consumption Volume
     Heat Capacity, Entropy
     Heat Capacity, Entropy (Specific)
     Heat Energy Density
     Heat Flow Rate
     Heat Flux Density, Irradiance
     Heat Specific Energy
     Light, Illuminance
     Light, Luminance
     Light, Luminous Intensity
     Magnetic Field Strength
     Magnetic Flux
     Magnetic Flux Density
     Mass Density or Concentration
     Mass Divided By Area
     Mass Divided by Length
     Mass or Weight
     Metric Prefix
     Moment of Inertia
     Permeability of Area
     Permeability of Area, Thickness
     Permeability of Porous Solids
     Pressure or Stress
     Radiation Absorbed Dose
     Radiation Absorbed Dose Rate
     Radiation Activity
     Radiation Dose Equivalent
     Radiation Exposure
     Radiation Exposure Rate
     Second Moment of Area
     Sound Intensity, Logarithmic Quantity
     Surface Tension
     Temperature Interval
     Thermal Conductivity
     Thermal Diffusivity
     Thermal Insulance
     Thermal Resistance
     Thermal Resistivity
     Thrust to Mass Ratio
     Torque Divided By Length
     Viscosity, Dynamic
     Viscosity, Kinematic
     Volume, Specific
     Wave Number


Equatorial Surface Gravity of Earth
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Earth's Moon
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Jupiter
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Mars
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Mercury
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Neptune
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Pluto
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Saturn
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Uranus
Equatorial Surface Gravity of Venus
Equatorial Surface Gravity of the Sun
acceleration of free fall, standard (g)
foot per second squared (ft/s²)
gal (Gal)
inch per second squared (in/s²)
meter per second squared (m/s²)
Amount of Substance
centimole (cmol)
decimole (dmol)
dekamole (damol)
gigamole (Gmol)
hectomole (hmol)
kilomole (kmol)
megamole (Mmol)
micromole (µmol)
millimole (mmol)
mole (mol)
nanomole (nmol)
picomole (pmol)
teramole (Tmol)
Amount of Substance, Concentration
centimole per cubic meter (cmol/m³)
centimole per liter (cmol/L)
centimole per milliliter (cmol/mL)
kilomole per cubic meter (kmol/m³)
kilomole per liter (kmol/L)
kilomole per milliliter (kmol/mL)
micromole per cubic meter (µmol/m³)
micromole per liter (µmol/L)
micromole per milliliter (µmol/mL)
millimole per cubic meter (mmol/m³)
millimole per liter (mmol/L)
millimole per milliliter (mmol/mL)
mole per cubic meter (mol/m³)
mole per liter (mol/L)
mole per milliliter (mol/mL)
Angle, Plane
degree (°)
gon (also called grade) (gon)
minute (')
radian (rad)
revolution (r)
second (")
Angular Acceleration
degree per hour squared (°/hr²)
degree per minute squared (°/min²)
degree per second squared (°/s²)
radian per hour squared (rad/hr²)
radian per minute squared (rad/min²)
radian per second squared (rad/s²)
Angular Velocity
radian per second (rad/s)
revolution per minute (rpm) (r/min)
Surface Area of Earth
Surface Area of Earth's Moon
Surface Area of Jupiter
Surface Area of Mars
Surface Area of Mercury
Surface Area of Neptune
Surface Area of Pluto
Surface Area of Saturn
Surface Area of Uranus
Surface Area of Venus
Surface Area of the Sun
acre (based on U.S. survey foot)
are (a)
barn (b)
ch'ing (qing) (Market System) (Taiwan)
chia (jia) (Taiwan)
cho (Japan)
cicular mil (archaic)
circular mil.
fen (Market System) (Taiwan)
hectare (ha)
mu (Market System) (Taiwan)
mu (Taiwan)
p'ing (ping) (Taiwan)
pyong (Korea)
rood (Imperial)
square centimeter (cm²)
square ch'ih (square chi) (Market System) (Taiwan)
square chang (zhang) (Market System) (Taiwan)
square foot (ft²)
square inch (in²)
square kilometer (km²)
square li (Market System) (Taiwan)
square meter (m²)
square mile (mi²)
square millimeter (mm²)
square ts'un (square cun) (Market System) (Taiwan)
square yard (yd²)
tan (Japan)
tsubo (Japan)
Coefficient of Heat Transfer
British thermal unit IT per hour square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu IT/(h*ft²*°F)]
British thermal unit IT per second square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu IT/(s*ft²*°F)]
British thermal unit th per hour square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu th/(h*ft²*°F)]
British thermal unit th per second square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu th/(s*ft²*°F)]
watt per square meter kelvin [W/(m²*K)]
byte (B)
exabyte (EB)
exabyte (metric) (EB)
exbibyte (EiB)
gibibyte (GiB)
gigabyte (GB)
gigabyte (metric) (GB)
kibibyte (KiB)
kilobyte (KB)
kilobyte (metric) (kB)
mebibyte (MiB)
megabyte (MB)
megabyte (metric) (MB)
pebibyte (PiB)
petabyte (PB)
petabyte (metric) (PB)
tebibyte (TiB)
terabyte (TB)
terabyte (metric) (TB)
yobibyte (YiB)
yottabyte (YB)
yottabyte (metric) (YB)
zebibyte (ZiB)
zettabyte (ZB)
zettabyte (metric) (ZB)
Data Transfer Rate
bit per hour (b/hr)
bit per minute (b/min)
bit per second (b/s)
exabit per hour (Eb/hr)
exabit per minute (Eb/min)
exabit per second (Eb/s)
gigabit per hour (Gb/hr)
gigabit per minute (Gb/min)
gigabit per second (Gb/s)
kilobit per hour (kb/hr)
kilobit per minute (kb/min)
kilobit per second (kb/s)
megabit per hour (Mb/hr)
megabit per minute (Mb/min)
megabit per second (Mb/s)
petabit per hour (Pb/hr)
petabit per minute (Pb/min)
petabit per second (Pb/s)
terabit per hour (Tb/hr)
terabit per minute (Tb/min)
terabit per second (Tb/s)
yottabit per hour (Yb/hr)
yottabit per minute (Yb/min)
yottabit per second (Yb/s)
zettabit per hour (Zb/hr)
zettabit per minute (Zb/min)
zettabit per second (Zb/s)
Density of Heat
British thermal unit IT per square foot (Btu IT/ft²)
British thermal unit th per square foot (Btu th/ft²)
calorie th per square centimeter (cal th/cm²)
joule per square meter (J/m²)
langley (cal th/cm²)
Density of Heat Flow Rate
British thermal unit IT per square foot hour [Btu IT/(ft²*h)]
British thermal unit IT per square foot second [Btu IT/(ft²*s)]
British thermal unit th per square foot hour [Btu th/(ft²*h)]
British thermal unit th per square foot minute [Btu th/(ft²*min)]
British thermal unit th per square foot second [Btu th/(ft²*s)]
British thermal unit th per square inch second [Btu th/(in²*s)]
calorie th per square centimeter minute [cal th/(cm²*min)]
calorie th per square centimeter second [cal th/(cm²*s)]
watt per square meter (W/m²)
Electric Capacitance
EMU of capacitance (abfarad)
ESU of capacitance (statfarad)
farad (F)
Electric Charge
ampere hour (A*h)
coulomb (C)
faraday (based on carbon 12)
faraday (chemical)
faraday (physical)
franklin (Fr)
Electric Conductance
siemens (S)
Electric Current
EMU of current (abampere)
ESU of current (statampere)
ampere (A)
biot (Bi)
gilbert (Gi)
Electric Current Density
ampere per square centimeter (A/cm²)
ampere per square decimeter (A/dm²)
ampere per square foot (A/ft²)
ampere per square inch (A/in²)
ampere per square meter (A/m²)
Electric Field Strength
abvolt per meter
statvolt per meter
volt per centimeter (V/cm)
volt per foot (V/ft)
volt per inch (V/in)
volt per meter (V/m)
volt per yard (V/yd)
Electric Inductance
EMU of inductance (abhenry)
ESU of inductance (stathenry)
henry (H)
Electric Potential
EMU of electric potential (abvolt)
ESU of electric potential (statvolt)
volt (V)
Electric Resistance
EMU of resistance (abohm)
ESU of resistance (statohm)
ohm (ohm)
Electric Resistivity
ohm centimeter (ohm*cm)
ohm circular-mil per foot
ohm meter (ohm*m)
Electric Resistivity Area
ohm circular-mil per foot
ohm square millimeter per meter (ohm*mm²/m)
British thermal unit (39 °F) (Btu)
British thermal unit (59 °F) (Btu)
British thermal unit (60 °F) (Btu)
British thermal unit (International Table) (Btu IT)
British thermal unit (mean) (Btu)
British thermal unit (thermochemical) (Btu th)
calorie (15 °F) (cal 15)
calorie (20 °F) (cal 20)
calorie (International Table) (cal IT)
calorie (it), kilogram (nutrition)
calorie (mean) (cal)
calorie (mean), kilogram (nutrition)
calorie (th), kilogram (nutrition)
calorie (thermochemical) (cal th)
electronvolt (eV)
erg (erg)
foot pound-force (ft*lbf)
foot poundal
joule (J)
kilocalorie (International Table) (kcal IT)
kilocalorie (mean) (kcal)
kilocalorie (thermochemical) (kcal th)
kiloton of TNT (energy equivalent)
kilowatt hour (kW*h)
megajoule (MJ)
megaton of TNT (energy equivalent)
quad [(10^15 Btu IT)]
therm (EC)
therm (U.S.)
ton of TNT (energy equivalent)
watt hour (W*h)
watt second (W*s)
Flow, Mass
kilogram per second (kg/s)
pound per hour (lb/h)
pound per minute (lb/min)
pound per second (lb/s)
ton, short, per hour
Flow, Volume
acre foot per day (U.S.) (a*ft/day)
cubic foot per minute (ft³/min)
cubic foot per second (ft³/s)
cubic inch per minute (in³/min)
cubic meter per second (m³/s)
cubic yard per minute (yd³/min)
gallon (U.S.) per day (gal/d)
gallon (U.S.) per minute (gpm) (gal/min)
liter per second (L/s)
million gallons per day (U.S.) (mgd)
miner's inch (Idaho, Utah, Nevada) (U.S.)
miner's inch (Montana, Oregon) (U.S.)
reciprocal pascal second [(Pa*s)^-1]
dyne (dyn)
kilogram-force (kgf)
kilonewton (kN)
kilopound (kilogram force) (kp)
kip (1 kip=1000 lbf)
newton (N)
ounce (avoirdupois)-force (ozf)
pound-force (lbf)
ton-force (2000 lbf)
gigahertz (GHz)
hertz (Hz)
kilohertz (kHz)
megahertz (MHz)
Fuel Consumption
kilometer per liter (km/L)
liter per 100 kilometer (L/100 km)
meter per cubic meter (m/m³)
mile per gallon (U.S.) (mpg) (mi/gal)
mile per gallon [U.K. (Imperial)] (mpg) (mi/gal)
Fuel Consumption Mass
kilogram per joule (kg/J)
pound per horsepower hour [lb/(hp*h)]
Fuel Consumption Volume
cubic meter per joule (m³/J)
gallon (U.S.) per horsepower hour [gal/(hp*h)]
liter per joule (L/J)
Heat Capacity, Entropy
British thermal unit IT per degree Fahrenheit (Btu IT/°F)
British thermal unit IT per degree Rankine (Btu IT/°R)
British thermal unit th per degree Fahrenheit (Btu th/°F)
British thermal unit th per degree Rankine (Btu th/°R)
joule per kelvin (J/k)
Heat Capacity, Entropy (Specific)
British thermal unit IT per pound degree Fahrenheit [Btu IT/(lb*°F)]
British thermal unit IT per pound degree Rankine [Btu IT/(lb*°R)]
British thermal unit th per pound degree Fahrenheit [Btu th/(lb*°F)]
British thermal unit th per pound degree Rankine [Btu th/(lb*°R)]
calorie IT per gram degree Celsius [cal IT/(g*°C)]
calorie IT per gram kelvin [cal IT/(g*K)]
calorie th per gram degree Celsius [cal th/(g*°C)]
calorie th per gram kelvin [cal th/(g*K)]
joule per kilogram kelvin [J/(kg*K)]
Heat Energy Density
British thermal unit IT per cubic foot (Btu IT/ft³)
British thermal unit th per cubic foot (Btu th/ft³)
joule per cubic meter (J/m³)
Heat Flow Rate
British thermal unit IT per hour (Btu IT/h)
British thermal unit IT per second (Btu IT/s)
British thermal unit th per hour (Btu th/h)
British thermal unit th per minute (Btu th/min)
British thermal unit th per second (Btu th/s)
calorie th per minute (cal th/min)
calorie th per second (cal th/s)
kilocalorie th per minute (kcal th/min)
kilocalorie th per second (kcal th/s)
ton of refrigeration (12,000 Btu IT/h)
watt (W)
Heat Flux Density, Irradiance
erg per square centimeter second [erg/(cm²*s)]
watt per square centimeter (W/cm²)
watt per square inch (W/in²)
watt per square meter (W/m²)
Heat Specific Energy
British thermal unit IT per pound (Btu IT/lb)
British thermal unit th per pound (Btu th/lb)
calorie IT per gram (cal IT/g)
calorie th per gram (cal th/g)
joule per kilogram (J/kg)
Planet Earth (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Earth (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Earth (latitude ", second of arc)
Planet Earth (latitude ', minute of arc)
Planet Earth (latitude °, degree of arc)
Planet Earth (longitude ", second of arc)
Planet Earth (longitude ', minute of arc)
Planet Earth (longitude °, degree of arc)
Planet Earth (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Earth (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Earth (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Earth (mean polar circumference)
Planet Earth (mean polar diameter)
Planet Earth (mean polar radius)
Planet Earth (orbital circumference)
Planet Earth (perihelion or closest)
Planet Earth's Moon (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Earth's Moon (average distance from Earth)
Planet Earth's Moon (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Earth's Moon (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Earth's Moon (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Earth's Moon (mean polar circumference)
Planet Earth's Moon (mean polar diameter)
Planet Earth's Moon (mean polar radius)
Planet Earth's Moon (orbital circumference)
Planet Earth's Moon (perihelion or closest)
Planet Earth's Sun (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Earth's Sun (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Earth's Sun (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Jupiter (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Jupiter (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Jupiter (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Jupiter (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Jupiter (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Jupiter (mean polar circumference)
Planet Jupiter (mean polar diameter)
Planet Jupiter (mean polar radius)
Planet Jupiter (orbital circumference)
Planet Jupiter (perihelion or closest)
Planet Mars (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Mars (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Mars (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Mars (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Mars (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Mars (mean polar circumference)
Planet Mars (mean polar diameter)
Planet Mars (mean polar radius)
Planet Mars (orbital circumference)
Planet Mars (perihelion or closest)
Planet Mercury (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Mercury (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Mercury (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Mercury (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Mercury (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Mercury (mean polar circumference)
Planet Mercury (mean polar diameter)
Planet Mercury (mean polar radius)
Planet Mercury (orbital circumference)
Planet Mercury (perihelion or closest)
Planet Neptune (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Neptune (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Neptune (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Neptune (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Neptune (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Neptune (mean polar circumference)
Planet Neptune (mean polar diameter)
Planet Neptune (mean polar radius)
Planet Neptune (orbital circumference)
Planet Neptune (perihelion or closest)
Planet Pluto (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Pluto (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Pluto (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Pluto (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Pluto (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Pluto (mean polar circumference)
Planet Pluto (mean polar diameter)
Planet Pluto (mean polar radius)
Planet Pluto (orbital circumference)
Planet Pluto (perihelion or closest)
Planet Saturn (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Saturn (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Saturn (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Saturn (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Saturn (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Saturn (mean polar circumference)
Planet Saturn (mean polar diameter)
Planet Saturn (mean polar radius)
Planet Saturn (orbital circumference)
Planet Saturn (perihelion or closest)
Planet Uranus (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Uranus (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Uranus (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Uranus (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Uranus (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Uranus (mean polar circumference)
Planet Uranus (mean polar diameter)
Planet Uranus (mean polar radius)
Planet Uranus (orbital circumference)
Planet Uranus (perihelion or closest)
Planet Venus (aphelion or farthest)
Planet Venus (average distance from the Sun)
Planet Venus (mean equatorial circumference)
Planet Venus (mean equatorial diameter)
Planet Venus (mean equatorial radius)
Planet Venus (mean polar circumference)
Planet Venus (mean polar diameter)
Planet Venus (mean polar radius)
Planet Venus (orbital circumference)
Planet Venus (perihelion or closest)
astronomical unit (ua) (AU)
cable (archaic)
centimeter (cm)
ch'ih (chi) (Market System) (Taiwan)
ch'ih (chi) (Taiwanese foot) (Taiwan)
chain (Imperial)
chain (based on U.S. survey foot) (ch)
chain (engineer or ramden) (archaic)
chain (surveyor or gunter) (archaic)
chang (zhang) (Market System) (Taiwan)
chang (zhang) (Taiwan)
chek (Hong Kong)
decimeter (dm)
dekameter (decameter) (dam)
fan (Hong Kong)
fathom (based on U.S. survey foot)
fen (Market System) (Taiwan)
foot (U.S. survey) (ft)
foot (ft)
furlong (Imperial)
hectometer (hm)
inch (in)
ken (Japan)
kilometer (km)
league (U.K. nautical) (archaic)
league (international nautical) (archaic)
league (statute) (archaic)
li (Market System) (Taiwan)
light year (l.y.)
link (engineer or ramden) (archaic)
link (surveyor or gunter) (archaic)
megameter (Mm)
meter (metre) (m)
micrometer (µm)
micron (µ)
mil (0.001 in)
mile (mi)
mile (statue mile) (based on U.S. survey foot) (mi)
mile, nautical
mile, nautical (U.K.) (archaic)
millimeter (mm)
myriameter (archaic)
nanometer (nm)
parsec (pc)
pica (computer) (1/6 in)
pica (printer's)
picometer (pm)
point (computer) (1/72 in)
point (printer's)
ri (Korea)
rod (based on U.S. survey foot) (rd)
shaku (Japan)
sun (Japan)
ts'un (cun) (Market System) (Taiwan)
ts'un (cun) (Taiwanese inch) (Taiwan)
tsun (Hong Kong)
yard (yd)
ångström (Å)
Light, Illuminance
lumen per square foot (lm/ft²)
lumen per square meter (lm/m²)
lux (lx)
phot (ph)
Light, Luminance
candela per square inch (cd/in²)
candela per square meter (cd/m²)
stilb (sb)
Light, Luminous Intensity
candela (cd)
centicandela (ccd)
decicandela (dcd)
dekacandela (dacd)
hectocandela (hcd)
kilocandela (kcd)
megacandela (Mcd)
microcandela (µcd)
millicandela (mcd)
Magnetic Field Strength
ampere per meter (A/m)
oersted (Oe)
Magnetic Flux
maxwell (Mx)
unit pole
weber (Wb)
Magnetic Flux Density
gauss (Gs, G)
tesla (T)
Mass Density or Concentration
Density of Earth
Density of Earth's Moon
Density of Jupiter
Density of Mars
Density of Mercury
Density of Neptune
Density of Pluto
Density of Saturn
Density of Uranus
Density of Venus
Density of the Sun
blood alcohol concentration (U.S.) (g/dL) (BAC)
blood alcohol concentration (mg/mL) (BAC)
grain per gallon (U.S.) (gr/gal)
gram per cubic centimeter (g/cm³)
gram per deciliter (g/dL)
gram per liter (g/L)
gram per milliliter (g/mL)
kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m³)
kilogram per liter (kg/L)
milligram per deciliter (mg/dL)
milligram per liter (mg/L)
milligram per milliliter (mg/mL)
ounce (avoirdupois) per cubic inch (oz /in³)
ounce (avoirdupois) per gallon (U.S.) (oz/gal)
ounce (avoirdupois) per gallon [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (oz /gal)
part per billion (U.S.) (ppb)
part per million (ppm)
part per thousand (ppt)
part per trillion (U.S.) (ppt)
pound per cubic foot (lb/ft³)
pound per cubic inch (lb/in³)
pound per cubic yard (lb/yd³)
pound per gallon (U.S.) (lb/gal)
pound per gallon [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (lb/gal)
slug per cubic foot (slug/ft³)
ton, long, per cubic yard
ton, short, per cubic yard
Mass Divided By Area
kilogram per square meter (kg/m²)
ounce (avoirdupois) per square foot (oz/ft²)
ounce (avoirdupois) per square inch (oz/in²)
ounce (avoirdupois) per square yard (oz/yd²)
pound per square foot (lb/ft²)
pound per square inch (not pound force) (lb/in²)
Mass Divided by Length
gram per meter (g/m)
kilogram per meter (kg/m)
pound per foot (lb/ft)
pound per inch (lb/in)
pound per yard (lb/yd)
Mass or Weight
Mass of Planet Earth
Mass of Planet Earth's Moon
Mass of Planet Jupiter
Mass of Planet Mars
Mass of Planet Mercury
Mass of Planet Neptune
Mass of Planet Pluto
Mass of Planet Saturn
Mass of Planet Uranus
Mass of Planet Venus
Mass of the Sun
candareen (fan) (Hong Kong)
candareen (troy) (Hong Kong)
carat, metric
catty (kan) (Hong Kong)
centigram (cg)
ch'ien (qian) (Market System) (Taiwan)
ch'ien (qian) (Taiwan)
chin (jin) (catty) (Market System) (Taiwan)
chin (jin) (catty) (Taiwan)
decigram (dg)
dekagram (dag)
dram (Imperial)
dram (troy or apothecary)
grain (gr)
gram (g)
hectogram (hg)
hundredweight (long, 112 lb)
hundredweight (short, 100 lb)
kan (Japan)
kilogram (kg)
kin (Japan)
kun (Korea)
liang (tael) (Market System) (Taiwan)
liang (tael) (Taiwan)
mace (troy) (Hong Kong)
mace (tsin) (Hong Kong)
maund (India)
millier or tonneau (archaic)
milligram (mg)
momme (Japan)
myriagram (archaic)
ounce (oz)
ounce (troy or apothecary) (oz)
pennyweight (dwt)
picul (tam) (Hong Kong)
pound (lb)
pound (troy or apothecary) (lb)
quarter (Imperial)
quintal (archaic)
scruple (apothecary) (archaic)
seer (India)
slug (slug)
stone (Imperial)
tael (leung) (Hong Kong)
tael (troy) (Hong Kong)
tan (dan) (picul) (Market System) (Taiwan)
tan (dan) (picul) (Taiwan)
tola (India)
ton, assay (AT)
ton, long (2240 lb)
ton, metric (t)
ton, short (2000 lb)
tonne (called "metric ton" in U.S.) (t)
unified atomic mass unit (AMU) (dalton) (Da) (u)
Metric Prefix
atto (a)
centi (c)
deci (d)
deka (deca) (da)
exa (E)
femto (g)
giga (G)
hecto (h)
kilo (k)
mega (M)
micro (µ)
milli (m)
nano (n)
peta (P)
pico (p)
tera (T)
yocto (y)
yotta (Y)
zepto (z)
zetta (Z)
Moment of Inertia
kilogram meter squared (kg*m²)
pound foot squared (lb*ft²)
pound inch squared (lb*in²)
Permeability of Area
kilogram per pascal second square meter [kg/(Pa*s*m²)]
perm (0 °C)
perm (23 °C)
Permeability of Area, Thickness
kilogram per pascal second meter [kg/(Pa*s*m)]
perm inch (0 °C)
perm inch (23 °C)
Permeability of Porous Solids
meter squared (m²)
Luminosity of the Sun
ergs per second (erg/s)
foot pound-force per hour (ft*lbf/h)
foot pound-force per minute (ft*lbf/min)
foot pound-force per second (ft*lbf/s)
horsepower (550 ft*lb/s)
horsepower (U.K.)
horsepower (boiler)
horsepower (electric)
horsepower (metric)
horsepower (water)
kilowatt (kW)
watt (W)
Pressure or Stress
atmosphere, standard (atm)
atmosphere, technical (at)
bar (bar)
barye (obsolete)
centimeter of mercury (0 °C)
centimeter of mercury, conventional (cmHg)
centimeter of water (4 °C)
centimeter of water, conventional (cmH2O)
dyne per square centimeter (dyn/cm²)
foot of mercury, conventional (ftHg)
foot of water (39.2 °F)
foot of water, conventional (ftH2O)
gram-force per square centimeter (gf/cm²)
hectopascal (hPa)
inch of mercury (32 °F)
inch of mercury (60 °F)
inch of mercury, conventional (inHg)
inch of water (39.2 °F)
inch of water (60 °F)
inch of water, conventional (inH2O)
kilogram-force per square centimeter (kgf/cm²)
kilogram-force per square meter (kgf/m²)
kilogram-force per square millimeter (kgf/mm²)
kilopascal (kPa)
kip per square inch (ksi) (kip/in²)
megapascal (MPa)
millibar (mbar)
millimeter of mercury, conventional (mmHg)
millimeter of water, conventional (mmH2O)
pascal (Pa)
pound-force per square foot (lbf/ft²)
pound-force per square inch (psi) (lbf/in²)
poundal per square foot
psi (pound-force per square inch) (lbf/in²)
torr (Torr)
Radiation Absorbed Dose
centigray (cGy)
gray (Gy)
joule per kilogram (J/kg)
milligray (mGy)
millirad (mrad)
rad (radiation absorbed dose) (rad)
Radiation Absorbed Dose Rate
centigray per hour (cGy/hr)
centigray per minute (cGy/min)
centigray per second (cGy/s)
gray per hour (Gy/hr)
gray per minute (Gy/min)
gray per second (Gy/s)
milligray per hour (mGy/hr)
milligray per minute (mGy/min)
milligray per second (mGy/s)
millirad per hour (mrad/hr)
millirad per minute (mrad/min)
millirad per second (mrad/s)
rad per hour (rad/hr)
rad per minute (rad/min)
rad per second (rad/s)
Radiation Activity
becquerel (Bq)
centicurie (cCi)
curie (Ci)
decicurie (dCi)
dekabecquerel (daBq)
gigabecquerel (GMq)
hectobecquerel (hBq)
kilobecquerel (kBq)
megabecquerel (MBq)
microcurie (µCi)
millicurie (mCi)
nanocurie (nCi)
picocurie (pCi)
rutherford (archaic)
Radiation Dose Equivalent
microsievert (µSv)
millirem (mrem)
millisievert (mSv)
rem (roentgen equivalent man) (rem)
sievert (Sv)
Radiation Exposure
coulomb per kilogram (C/kg)
microcoulombs per kilogram (µC/kg)
microroentgen (µR)
milliroentgen (mR)
roentgen (R)
Radiation Exposure Rate
microroentgen per hour (µR/hr)
microroentgen per minute (µR/min)
microroentgen per second (µR/s)
milliroentgen per hour (mR/hr)
milliroentgen per minute (mR/min)
milliroentgen per second (mR/s)
roentgen per hour (R/hr)
roentgen per minute (R/min)
roentgen per second (R/s)
Second Moment of Area
foot to the fourth power (ft^4)
inch to the fourth power (in^4)
meter to the fourth power (m^4)
Sound Intensity, Logarithmic Quantity
bel (B)
decibel (dB)
neper (Np)
Escape Velocity of Earth
Escape Velocity of Earth's Moon
Escape Velocity of Jupiter
Escape Velocity of Mars
Escape Velocity of Mercury
Escape Velocity of Neptune
Escape Velocity of Pluto
Escape Velocity of Saturn
Escape Velocity of Uranus
Escape Velocity of Venus
Escape Velocity of the Sun
Mean Orbit Velocity of Earth
Mean Orbit Velocity of Earth's Moon
Mean Orbit Velocity of Jupiter
Mean Orbit Velocity of Mars
Mean Orbit Velocity of Mercury
Mean Orbit Velocity of Neptune
Mean Orbit Velocity of Pluto
Mean Orbit Velocity of Saturn
Mean Orbit Velocity of Uranus
Mean Orbit Velocity of Venus
foot per hour (ft/h)
foot per minute (ft/min)
foot per second (ft/s)
inch per second (in/s)
kilometer per hour (km/h)
kilometer per minute (km/min)
kilometer per second (km/s)
knot (nautical mile per hour)
meter per second (m/s)
mile per hour (mi/h)
mile per minute (mi/min)
mile per second (mi/s)
speed of light
Surface Tension
newton per meter (N/m)
pound-force per foot (lbf/ft)
pound-force per inch (lbf/in)
degree celsius (°C)
degree centigrade (obsolete)
degree fahrenheit (°F)
degree rankine (°R)
kelvin (K)
Temperature Interval
degree Celsius (°C)
degree Fahrenheit (°F)
degree Rankine (°R)
degree centigrade (obsolete)
kelvin (K)
Thermal Conductivity
Britsh thermal unit IT foot per hour square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu IT*ft/(h*ft²*°F)]
Britsh thermal unit IT inch per hour square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu IT*in/(h*ft²*°F)]
Britsh thermal unit IT inch per second square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu IT*in/(s*ft²*°F)]
Britsh thermal unit th foot per hour square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu th*ft/(h*ft²*°F)]
Britsh thermal unit th inch per hour square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu th*in/(h*ft²*°F)]
Britsh thermal unit th inch per second square foot degree Fahrenheit [Btu th*in/(s*ft²*°F)]
calorie th per centimeter second degree Celsius [cal th/(cm*s*°C)]
watt per meter kelvin [W/(m*K)]
Thermal Diffusivity
square foot per hour (ft²/h)
square meter per second (m²/s)
Thermal Insulance
degree Fahrenheit hour square foot per British thermal unit IT (°F*h*ft²/Btu IT)
degree Fahrenheit hour square foot per British thermal unit th (°F*h*ft²/Btu th)
square meter kelvin per watt (m²*K/W)
Thermal Resistance
degree Fahrenheit hour per British thermal unit IT (°F*h/Btu IT)
degree Fahrenheit hour per British thermal unit th (°F*h/Btu th)
degree Fahrenheit second per British thermal unit IT (°F*s /Btu IT)
degree Fahrenheit second per British thermal unit th (°F*s /Btu th)
kelvin per watt (K/W)
Thermal Resistivity
degree Fahrenheit hour square foot per British thermal unit IT inch [°F*h*ft²/(Btu IT*in)]
degree Fahrenheit hour square foot per British thermal unit th inch [°F*h*ft²/(Btu th*in)]
meter kelvin per watt (m*K/W)
Thrust to Mass Ratio
newton per kilogram (N/kg)
pound-force per pound (lbf/lb)
Planet Earth (length of day)
Planet Earth (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Earth (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Earth (tropical orbit period)
Planet Earth's Moon (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Earth's Sun (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Jupiter (length of day)
Planet Jupiter (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Jupiter (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Jupiter (tropical orbit period)
Planet Mars (length of day)
Planet Mars (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Mars (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Mars (tropical orbit period)
Planet Mercury (length of day)
Planet Mercury (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Mercury (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Mercury (tropical orbit period)
Planet Neptune (length of day)
Planet Neptune (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Neptune (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Neptune (tropical orbit period)
Planet Pluto (length of day)
Planet Pluto (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Pluto (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Pluto (tropical orbit period)
Planet Saturn (length of day)
Planet Saturn (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Saturn (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Saturn (tropical orbit period)
Planet Uranus (length of day)
Planet Uranus (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Uranus (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Uranus (tropical orbit period)
Planet Venus (length of day)
Planet Venus (sidereal orbit period)
Planet Venus (sidereal rotation period)
Planet Venus (tropical orbit period)
century (Gregorian)
century (Julian)
day (d)
day (sidereal)
decade (Greogrian)
decade (Julian)
hour (h)
hour (sidereal)
microsecond (µs)
millisecond (ms)
minute (min)
minute (sidereal)
month (anomalistic)
month (draconic)
month (sidereal)
month (synodical or lunar)
month (tropical or solar)
nanosecond (ns)
second (s)
second (sidereal)
week (7 days)
year (365 days)
year (Gregorian, 365.2425 days)
year (Julian, 365.25 days)
year (anomalistic)
year (eclipse)
year (leap year, 366 days)
year (sidereal)
year (synodical or lunar)
year (tropical or solar)
dyne centimeter (dyne*cm)
kilogram-force meter (kgf*m)
millinewton meter (mN*m)
newton meter (N*m)
ounce (avoirdupois)-force inch (ozf*in)
pound-force foot (lbf*ft)
pound-force inch (lbf*in)
Torque Divided By Length
newton meter per meter (N*m/m)
pound-force foot per inch (lbf*ft/in)
pound-force inch per inch (lbf*in/in)
Viscosity, Dynamic
centipoise (cP)
pascal second (Pa*s)
poise (P)
pound per foot hour [lb/(ft*h)]
pound per foot second [lb/(ft*s)]
pound-force second per square foot (lbf*s/ft²)
pound-force second per square inch (lbf*s/in²)
poundal second per square foot
slug per foot second [slug/(ft*s)]
Viscosity, Kinematic
centistokes (cSt)
meter squared per second (m²/s)
square foot per second (ft²/s)
stokes (St)
Volume of Earth
Volume of Earth's Moon
Volume of Jupiter
Volume of Mars
Volume of Mercury
Volume of Neptune
Volume of Pluto
Volume of Saturn
Volume of Uranus
Volume of Venus
Volume of the Sun
acre-foot (based on U.S. survey foot)
barrel [for petroleum, 42 gallons (U.S.)] (bbl)
board foot (1' X 1' X 1")
bushel (U.S.) (bu)
centiliter (cL)
cord (128 ft³)
cubic centimeter (cm³)
cubic decimeter (dm³)
cubic dekameter (cubic decameter) (dam³)
cubic foot (ft³)
cubic hectometer (hm³)
cubic inch (in³)
cubic kilometer (km³)
cubic meter (cubic metre) (m³)
cubic mile (mi³)
cubic millimeter (mm³)
cubic yard (yd³)
cup (U.S.)
dann (Taiwan)
deciliter (dL)
dekaliter (decaliter) (daL)
dram (U.S. fluid)
fluid ounce (U.S.) (fl oz)
gallon (U.S.) (gal)
gallon [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (gal)
gill (U.S.) (gi)
gill [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (gi)
go (Japan)
hectoliter (hL)
hogshead (U.S.) (archaic)
keg (U.S. large beer) (15.5 gal)
keg (U.S. small beer) (7.75 gal)
kiloliter (kL)
liter (litre) (L)
mal (Korea)
milliliter (mL)
ounce (U.S. fluid) (fl oz)
ounce [Canadian and U.K. fluid (Imperial)] (fl oz)
peck (U.S.) (pk)
pint (U.S. dry) (dry pt)
pint (U.S. liquid) (liq pt)
pint [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (pt)
quart (U.S. dry) (dry qt)
quart (U.S. liquid) (liq qt)
quart [Canadian and U.K. (Imperial)] (qt)
sheng (Taiwan)
sho (Japan)
stere (st)
to (Japan)
ton, register
tou (dou) (Taiwan)
Volume, Specific
barrel per long ton (U.K.) (bbl/t)
barrel per short ton (U.S.) (bbl/t)
cubic foot per pound (ft³/lb)
cubic inch per pound (in³/lb)
cubic meter per kilogram (m³/kg)
gallon (U.K.) per pound (gal/lb)
gallon (U.S.) per pound (gal/lb)
liter per gram (L/g)
liter per kilogram (L/kg)
Wave Number
kayser (K)
reciprocal meter (m^-1)