How to use InfoFind's Big Number Calculator

Opening the Big Number Calculator

You can access the Big Number Calculator from the menu [Information]->[Big Number Calculator] or you can also access the Big Number Calculator from the main Calculator by clicking on the button [Big Numbers].

Big Number Calculator

All handheld calculators and most computer calculators allow numbers to have only a certain number of digits and decimal places in length. Some computer calculators allow for numbers of any size and are called big number calculators or arbitrary precision calculators. Generally large numbers are displayed by most calculators in scientific notation but sometimes you may want or need to calculate a large number and see every digit of the number. These calculators are often hard to find and difficult to use, but InfoFind's big number calculator is very easy to use so if you ever need to do to perform a calculation with large numbers then InfoFind can find the answer for you. Scientific Notation is a shorthand way to write very large or very small numbers. Here are several examples of scientific notation: the number 12345000000000000000 can be written as 1.234E+19 which means 1.234 * 10^9 and the number 0.0000000000000012345 can be written as 1.2345E-15 which means 1.2345 * 10 ^ -15. If you used these numbers with InfoFind's standard calculator you would get the result in scientific notation, but if calculating these numbers with the big number calculator then the results will be displayed with all digits. To use the big number calculator enter the two numbers that you want to calculate, select an operator (add, subtract, etc) in the middle of the screen, and then click the calculate button for the results. To see a sample of how this works with several large numbers click the [Show Sample] button.

InfoFind's Big Number Calculator

Decimal Numbers

Decimal places are always calculated in full except for division and negative exponents. For division and exponents you can choose how many decimal places to calculate by entering a number in the text box labeled [Decimal Places]. The checkbox near the bottom of the screen [Digit Grouping] determines how the numbers are displayed. If it is checked then numbers are formatted with commas - 1,000,000 and if it is unchecked then the same number would appear as 1000000; decimal places are never grouped.

InfoFind's Big Number Calculator

Working with Different Bases

If you do not know or understand how different math bases or numbering systems work then please review the topic Brief History of Math and Calculating Different Bases first. InfoFind's big number calculator will calculate numbers with different bases by entering #b or ##b before the number; this works for any base from base 2 to 95. If you calculate different bases then the base from the top number will be the same base for the result. Numbers of different bases are not grouped even if [Digit Grouping] is checked. You can specify what characters InfoFind will use for each base in the Calculator Options.

InfoFind's Big Number Calculator