How to View Binary Files with InfoFind

Opening a File in Binary Mode This form can be accessed by right-clicking on a file from the file viewer and choosing the menu [Open as Binary File].
Binary Files Some people have a need to view files as binary files. This form is for people who need to do so. Viewing binary files is not something that most people would need to do but in the computer industry there are many times when this might be needed. For example, if you had a file but weren't sure what type of file it is you could use this form to possibly determine the file type based upon the binary numbers in the file. When a file is opened this form will display the file in 512 KB chunks of data. You can navigate through the file with the buttons at top or manually type in the file part you want and then press [Enter] on your keyboard. On the left side of the file data info, there is a list of hex numbers that show the current location in the file. The data in the middle is the file data in hex format starting at the location on the left. The data on the right side is the same data in plain text.
InfoFind Binary File