How to View Programming Language Files with InfoFind

Opening a Programming Language File Programming language files are opened from the file viewer when you double-click on a file or from the address bar when you enter the path and press the go button or type the enter key.
Programming Language Files This form is useful for software or web developers who want to view programming language files on any computer. When the files are opened the keywords and comments are highlighted. InfoFind can read files from the following languages: C/C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, Visual Basic Script, C#, VB.NET, Java, and Forex MetaTrader MQL4. You can use this form to edit files also. To edit a file simply type your changes and then click the Save button on the toolbar or select the menu [File]->[Save]. To search for text in the file press [Ctrl]-[F] on the keyboard, enter what you're looking for and then click [Find]. Word-Wrap can be turned on or off by pressing [Ctrl]-[W] on the keyboard. Even though you can edit files with this form it is not a full featured editor so it is mainly intended as being a viewer that you can access from any computer for free.

InfoFind Programming Language File