How to View and Edit Large Files with InfoFind

Opening the Large File Viewer You can access the Large File Viewer from the menu [Files]->[Large File Viewer].
Viewing and Editing Large Files This form is useful for anyone who needs to view very large text files. This form displays parts of large files rather than displaying the entire file. This allows large files to be opened quickly. This form can even display files that are many gigabytes in size. There is no limit to how large the file can be. To use this form click on the button [Open] and select a file. Then click the buttons [Next] or [Previous] to navigate through the file. To search for text in the file enter search criteria in the text box next to the [Find Next] button and then click the [Find Next] button. Word-Wrap can be turned on or off by pressing [Ctrl]-[W] on the keyboard.

InfoFind Large File Viewer