How to View and Save Icons with InfoFind

Opening the Icon Form You can access the Icon Form from the menu [Files]->[File Icons].
File Icons This form allows icons to be exported from a program or file so that they may be used in graphic files or web pages. When using this please keep in mind that you may be liable for using copyrighted icons that you do not have the right to use. This product should only be used to export icons that you already own or are allowed to use. There are many uses for extracting an icon from a file. For example, a web designer might need to create links on a page to certain download applications. If they wanted each link to have the program's icon then they could use InfoFind to extract the icon from the programs so that they could use them in the web page.
Using the File Icons Form Select or enter a folder at the top of the form or select a folder from the tree control on the left side. A list of all files in the folder containing icons will be displayed in the list on the bottom left hand side of the form. Click on a file to view all icons in the file. To view all sizes of an individual icon select the icon and then they will be displayed in the list on the right side of the form. To export any icons from this list right-click on the icons that you want export and then choose [Save Icon] from the menu.

InfoFind File Icons Form

Individual Icon Files Icon Files can be opened from the file viewer and will be displayed in a form that shows all icon sizes for the specific icon.

InfoFind Icon File