How to View File Properties with InfoFind

Opening the File Properties Forms You can access these forms from the file viewer. Right-click on the file that you want to see and then choose the menu [Properties] for the standard Windows file properties form or choose the menu [Additional Properties] for the InfoFind file properties form.
Windows File Properties The standard Windows file properties form displays a number of properties and options for each file. This form can be accessed from InfoFind or from Windows Explorer.

Windows File Properties

InfoFind File Properties InfoFind's file properties form displays a file signature, and several other properties that are not normally displayed in the Windows file properties form. The file signature is a unique value for each file. It’s possible that two or more files could have the same signature but with more than 4 Billion (4,000,000,000) combinations it is not common for this to happen. The file signature can help verify if two files of the same size contain the same contents or if they are different.

InfoFind File Properties

InfoFind File Properties Search With InfoFind’s file properties form you can also create a list showing all printable text strings in a file. Printable text strings include any number, English Language, and many Western European Language text strings listed in a file. You can use the controls to specify Unicode characters, minimum text length, and a filter.

InfoFind File Properties Strings

AutoCAD Drawing Properties AutoCAD drawings with extension of (*.dwg, *.dwt, *.dws) will display InfoFind’s AutoCAD properties form. This form lists the file signature, includes the AutoCAD version of the file, and displays a thumbnail image of the AutoCAD drawing if one exists.

AutoCAD Drawing Properties