How to use InfoFind's File Viewer

Opening the File Viewer

You can access the file viewer from the menu [Files]->[File Viewer] or you can also access the file viewer from the main toolbar by clicking on the button [Show/Hide File Viewer].

File Viewer

InfoFind provides a built-in file viewer that allows you to access any file or folder on your computer. The file viewer is located in the left panel on the main form and when you double-click on a file InfoFind will determine the appropriate way to open it. InfoFind will open many files in the main form of InfoFind and other files will be opened by programs that create or edit them.

InfoFind File Viewer

Filtering Files

You can quickly filter files in a folder by name. This is helpful when you are trying to find a file in a folder that has many files. To filter files enter the part of the name that you are searching for and then click the [Filter] button.

InfoFind File Viewer

File Right-Click Menu

When you right-click on a file or folder a menu will be displayed that has a number of actions you can take on the file.

InfoFind File Viewer