How to Encrypt and Decrypt Text with InfoFind

What is Encryption?

For an overview on what encryption is and how it works please view the support topic: What is Encryption and Decryption.

Opening the Text Encryption Form

You can access the Text Encryption Form from the menu [Information]->[Text Encryption] or you can also access the Text Encryption Form from the File Encryption Form from the [Text Encryption] Button.

InfoFind Text Encryption  InfoFind Text Encryption

Text Encryption

You can encrypt text messages on the screen with InfoFind. This can be useful to encrypt a private email or enter encrypted information into another program. To do this you can type the text that you want to enter in the top textbox or copy and paste it from another program. Then enter any combination of password and/or pin that you want to use then click the [Encrypt] button. Anything can be entered for the password however the pin must be entered as a numeric value of any length and allows for negative and decimal numbers. You need to enter the password/pin twice to make sure that you entered the correct password/pin. The Encrypted text will appear in the bottom textbox. To decrypt the encrypted message copy and paste to the bottom textbox, enter the password/pin, and then click [Decrypt].

InfoFind Text Encryption