InfoFind's Options

Opening InfoFind's Options Form

You can access InfoFind's Options Form from the menu [Information]->[Options] or you can also open the from the main toolbar by clicking on the button [Program Options].

General Options

Many options may be changed from the General Options section of the Options Form. Most of the options are self explanatory if it is something that you may want to change. The option [Maximum # of Rows for Smart Sorting] determines how InfoFind sorts list controls. If the number of rows in a list is less then this option value then the data is sorted in the order of 1) Blank Values, 2) Numbers/Currency, 3) Dates, 4) Text (Case-Insensitive, but if Equal Upper First); but if the list has more rows then this value then all data is sorted as text. The reason for this is because smart sorting takes much longer to do as the list gets larger.

InfoFind Options

File Viewer Options

To access File Viewer and other option categories click on the [File Viewer] button in the options panel. You can then change a number of options related to how files are opened or displayed with InfoFind.

InfoFind Options

Media Options

Media Options are used and modified by the Video and Music Forms. They determine where and how InfoFind will search for Media Files.

InfoFind Options

Calculator Options

There are many options for InfoFind’s Calculator and Big Number Calculator. For more on information on how they work please view the Calculator Help Topic.

InfoFind Options