Errors with InfoFind

Main Error Form

All computer programs can cause errors. When an error happens in InfoFind a form will be displayed that describes the error and lists basic information about your computer, what programs are running, and what files InfoFind is accessing. The form provides buttons that you can click on to copy this information to the Windows Clipboard, or too send it to Windows Notepad (a basic text editor on all computers). You can then use the information provided to search on the internet to find a solution to your problem. When you first receive an error you may want to check the support section of this web site for a solution to your specific problem. You can also use the feedback form to submit errors to Omnicognic.

InfoFind Error

Other Error Forms

Most often when an error occurs within InfoFind the form shown above will be displayed, however it’s possible for other forms to be displayed instead. Below is an example of a fatal error from InfoFind in Windows 98. Often in older versions of Windows, such as Windows 95 or Windows 98 when an error occurs it will cause InfoFind to close and you will need to restart it. In newer versions of Windows such as Windows XP or Windows Vista when an error happens you will usually still be able to continue using InfoFind.

InfoFind Error