InfoFind's Main Form

Using InfoFind

Everything that you do in InfoFind takes place with-in the main form. This includes opening other forms and document files. Many forms can be opened at the same time so for example you can work with a calculator, dictionary, and database program with InfoFind and have one or more forms open for each feature.

InfoFind's Main Form


All non-document forms can be accessed from menus at the top of InfoFind. When you click on a menu a list will display sub-menus that you can click on to perform the selected action.

InfoFind Menus


Toolbars are display below the menu. For most forms you will see InfoFind's main toolbar with common options and the address bar. Certain forms will show addition toolbars that are relevant to the form. The common toolbar and the drawing toolbars are shown below.

InfoFind Common Toolbar

InfoFind Drawing Toolbar

Side Panel

The panel on the left side includes the default start menu with links to common forms, a file viewer, a file search form, and InfoFind's Quick Help feature. The feature shown can be changed by clicking on its button from the main toolbar or by selecting the appropriate menu option. The side panel can also be hidden if desired.

Default Start Menu

When you click on a link from the default start menu the selected form will open.

InfoFind Side Panel

File Viewer

You can navigate through folders on your local computer and network drive. When you double-click on a file to open it InfoFind will determine the appropriate way to open the file; many types of files can be opened with InfoFind. For more information see the File Viewer Help Topic.

InfoFind's File Viewer

File Search

The file search allows you to search for files. For help with this feature see the File Search Help Topic.

InfoFind's File Search

Quick Help

Quick Help provides basic help with each form and will allow you to determine if the selected form being displayed is something for you and how to work with it. The image below shows Quick Help selected and multiple forms open at the same time.

InfoFind's Quick Help

Status Bar

At the very bottom of InfoFind is the status bar. Certain forms will use this to display basic summary information.

InfoFind Status Bar