InfoFind's Keyboard Shortcuts


InfoFind provides a number of shortcut keys that you can use as an alternative to the mouse. To use a shortcut key select and highlight text or select a control or form and then type the shortcut key. In the lists below when multiple keys are listed press and hold the first key and then press the second key to perform the action.
Standard Windows Shortcut Keys
F1 Display Help File.
Ctrl-C Copy selected text to the Windows Clipboard from an Entry Control.
Ctrl-X Cut - Remove selected text and save a copy in the Windows Clipboard.
Ctrl-V Paste text from the Windows Clipboard to the selected Entry Control.
List Control Shortcut Keys for InfoFind
Most lists in InfoFind can be sorted by clicking on one of the columns at the top of the list. Data is sorted in the order of 1) Blank Values, 2) Numbers/Currency, 3) Dates, 4) Text (Case-Insensitive, but if Equal Upper First). Sorting can be controlled from InfoFind's Options.
List Right-Click Menu Most lists have a right-click menu to generate reports.
Ctrl-E Create an Excel Report.
Ctrl-C Copy List to Clipboard.
Ctrl-W or Ctrl-I Display List in a Web Page.
Ctrl-X Display List in an XML File using Column Names as the XML Node Names.
Alt-X Display List in an XML File using numbers as the XML Node Names.
Ctrl-S Save the list to a CSV File (Comma-Separated-Values).
Ctrl-A On multi-select lists this will highlight all rows in the list.