Computer Terminology


This document provides an overview of some common computer terms used by InfoFind and other programs. This section can be helpful in case you come across a technical word that you are not familiar with.
General Terms
Application or Program A computer program is a file or set of files that you can run on a computer to perform specific tasks. InfoFind is an example of one program; Microsoft Word is an example of another program.
Control A control is something on a form that you can interact with. For example a button that you can click on or and text box that you can type into. Many programs allow for keyboard navigation of controls by typing [Tab] to move to the next control and [Alt]-[Tab] to go to the previous control.
File or Document A file or document contains information and is saved on a computer with a specific name. Files can be moved from one computer to another and are opened by programs.
Folder Folders are how a computers store documents and data in an organized manner and a folder can contain files and other folders under it.
Form or Screen or Dialog A form contains a number of controls and allows interaction between a computer user and documents or data. Most programs have a number of forms, and sometimes forms will be referred to as Windows.
Icon An icon is a small picture that represents something on the computer. If the icon is on a button or toolbar then it can usually be clicked on. Many different types of objects are represented by icons everything from file and folders to programs and forms. The icon for InfoFind looks like this Icon on most computers and on computers that have limited color support InfoFind’s icon will look like this. Icon
Operating System or OS An Operating System is the main software on a computer and it determines how the computer runs, what hardware can be used, and what programs can be installed.
Button Button A button is control that you can click on to perform a specific action. Most buttons will have a relevant title that describe to the action that they take when they are clicked on.
Check Box Check Box  Check Box Checked A check box is a type of button that allows for something to be expressed as checked or not checked (on/off or yes/no).
Combo Box or Drop Down List Combo Box
Combo Box List
A combo box allows for a single item to be selected from a list of items. Some combo boxes allow for a an item to be typed in the list that does not already exist while other combo boxes require that only a value already in the list can be selected.
List Box or Selection List List Box A list box allows for multiple-items to be selected from a list of items. Some lists can be clicked on to turn items on or off one at a time while other lists allow for multiple items to be selected by selecting the first item, then pressing and holding the [Shift] key on the keyboard, and then selecting the second item. When you do this all items in-between the two items will be selected along with the two selected items. These types of lists allow for a person to select or de-select items one at a type by pressing and holding the [Ctrl] key on the keyboard and then selecting the item.
List View or File List List View
A list control will display data in an organized manger that is grouped by columns and rows. InfoFind will display files in list controls and usually refer to these as File Lists. Depending on the form you can click or double-click on a file to perform a specific action such as opening the file. Most lists in InfoFind provide a number of shortcut keys and right-click menu options. For more info on this topic please review the document [Shortcut Keys].
Menu Menu Menus are generally displayed at the top of the program screen and allow for a number of actions depending upon the menu. When you click on a menu a list will display of sub-menus that you can click on to perform the selected action. Some controls and forms have a right-click menu that is accessed by selecting the form or control and then clicking the right mouse button.
Option Button or Option Group Option Button  Option Button Selected An option group will contain a two or more option buttons and allow for only one option to be selected.
Panel Panel A Panel contains several buttons consisting of an Icon and a Title that can be clicked on to view specific information or controls.
Text Box or Entry Field Text Box A Text Box is used to type letters and numbers into.
Rich Text Rich Text A Rich Text Box is similar to a Text Box but allows for text to be formatted with different colors, fonts, font sizes, and other properties.
Toolbar Toolbar Toolbars are usually near the top of the screen and contain a number of buttons that are represented by an icon. When you move your mouse over the buttons and wait for a second or two a title will appear that lists the button's name.
Tree View or Folder List Tree View A tree control will display data in a hierarchical manner. InfoFind will display folders in a tree control and usually refer to it as a folder list.