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A Dictionary is a reference book or a list of words usually in alphabetical order and information for each word. A Thesaurus is a reference book or list of words and their synonyms. A Synonym is a word of two or more words or phrases that can be used in the same sentence or have a similar meaning. Examples of two synonyms are "House" and "Home". InfoFind provides an easy to use Dictionary and Thesaurus. InfoFind's Dictionary contains over 147,000 Words; 207,000 Definitions; and 143,000 Synonyms.

Using the Dictionary and Thesaurus

To use InfoFind's Dictionary and Thesaurus type in the word or phrase that you want to lookup and then click the [Search] button or press the [Enter] key. A list of all of the definitions for the word will be listed in the large textbox on the screen and a list of it's synonyms will be displayed in the list on the right. If you misspelled the word, InfoFind will return a list of similarly spelled words. You can then double-click on the word to see it's definition. At anytime you can double-click on any word in the definition textbox to see the definition and synonyms for that word.

InfoFind Dictionary

Searching for a Word

InfoFind's Dictionary allows you to quickly and easily search for words and phrases. In the list below are the types of expressions that you can use when searching for a word.
  • ? = Any single character.
  • * = Zero or more characters.
  • # = Any single digit (0–9).
  • [character list] = Any single character in character list.
  • [!character list] = Any single character not in character list.
  • wed* = Any word beginning with "wed".
  • *[0123456789] = Any word ending with a number.
  • com[!p]* = Any word beginning with "com" and not "comp".
  • *[a-z]# = Any word ending with any combination of a single letter followed by a single number.
  • a* = All words beginning with the letter "a" will be listed.
  • [!a-z]* = All words that do not begin with a letter.
  • * = All words will be found, but it is not recommend because it may take a long time for your computer to generate this list. If you want to see all of the words, then it is much faster to search by the first letter for all the letters in the alphabet and to enter "[!a-z]*" for all words that do not begin with a letter.
The most likely time to search is if you don't know how to spell a word and InfoFind doesn't correct it for you or if you want to browse all words beginning with a letter or group of letters. For example, Wednesday is probably the most commonly misspelled word out of the names of the 7 days of the week. So if you forget the spelling of this word, you can try to spell it and see if InfoFind finds the correct spelling for you, or you could search for all words beginning with "wed", by entering the expression "wed*". If you wanted to see an alphabetical list of all words beginning with a certain letter you could enter the letter followed by "*" to see an index of words beginning with that letter. For example, to see all words beginning with the letter "a" enter the expression "a*". InfoFind's dictionary is case insensitive meaning that the search "Wed*" is the same as "wed*".

InfoFind Dictionary Search