Drawing and Writing with InfoFind


With a Tablet PC, Touch Screen Computer, or Windows Vista and InfoFind you can easily create drawings, sketches, and write handwritten notes. The version of Windows that you need to access these features is Windows XP Tablet Edition or Premium Versions of Windows Vista (any version other then Home Basic). Many top computer companies make Tablet PCs or Touch Screen Computers. To learn more about a computer that allows you to do this click here.

Opening the Drawing Form

This form can only be accessed with Windows XP Tablet Edition and Premium Versions of Windows Vista. You can access this form from the menu [Information]->[Drawings] or you can also access this from by clicking on the second button (drawing button) in the main toolbar.

InfoFind Main Toolbar


With the drawing form of InfoFind you can easily create, edit, and delete drawings without having to worry about opening and saving them. Drawings created with InfoFind are automatically saved and can easily be exported and imported. By clicking the Next and Previous buttons you can navigate through all of the drawings that you have created. When you are at the last drawing clicking the Next button will create a new blank drawing. With InfoFind you can copy entire drawings or selected strokes to other ink-aware programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Journal, and you can save drawings to gif images so that they may be viewed on any computer.

Drawing with InfoFind


You can also use this for to write and save handwritten notes. It allows you to easily choose any size and color to write with for both pen and highlighter.

Notes with InfoFind