How to view Forms and Controls with InfoFind


InfoFind has the ability to display all Windows (Forms, Controls, etc) that are running on your computer. This feature is primarily useful for computer administrators and application developers. Home users who are trying to find out advanced details of running programs may find this useful at times. Window information is often useful for computer support because it provides advanced detail of running programs.

How to view Forms and Controls

To view Forms and Controls that are running for your computer, first open InfoFind. Then select the menu [Computer]->[Forms and Controls].

Omnicognic InfoFind

When you first open this form all visible forms and controls are automatically displayed. You can filter the list by entering a filter value in the text box at the top of the screen. If the [Show Hidden] checkbox is checked then all hidden forms and controls will also be displayed. You can also report on this list by clicking the Excel Button in the toolbar at the top or by right-clicking on the list and choosing the desired report format.

Forms and Controls