How to draw with InfoFind

Drawing and Writing with InfoFind

Draw and Sketch with InfoFind      Draw and Sketch with InfoFind

With a Tablet PC, Touch Screen Computer, or Windows Vista and InfoFind you can easily create drawings, sketches, and write handwritten notes. The version of Windows that you need to access these features is Windows XP Tablet Edition or Premium Versions of Windows Vista (any version other then Home Basic). Many top computer companies make Tablet PCs or Touch Screen Computers. Images and links are listed for a number of companies below. This page will be updated as links change or as new computers become available so if you are interested in this technology then check back whenever you want!

Disclaimer - All images displayed above are copyright and property of their appropriate owners. Omnicognic is not associated or endorsed by any of these companies. This page is intended on being a helpful reference for people and companies who are considering Tablet/Touch Screen Computers or want to learn more about them.