How to view Running Programs with InfoFind


InfoFind has the ability to display all programs that are running on your computer and information for each program. You would use this feature when you want to know which programs are running on your computer, where they are located and other information about them.

How to view all Running Programs

To view all Running Programs on your computer, first open InfoFind. Then on the side panel click the link [Running Programs] or select the menu [Computer]->[Running Programs].

Omnicognic InfoFind  Omnicognic InfoFind

When you first open this form all running programs are displayed. If a program is indented under another one then that means the indented program was opened by the program above it in the list. In additional to basic information such as file location, and description you can view advanced information such as program DLLs and Forms by clicking on the [Advanced] button in the toolbar. You can also create Excel Reports and open the Windows Task Manager. To find a specific program type any part of the program name or file path in the filter text box at the top of the screen.

Running Programs

Advanced Information - DLLs

To see DLLs for each program clicking on the [Advanced] button in the toolbar and then click on the program that you want to see.

Running Programs

Advanced Information - Forms

To see Forms for each program clicking on the [Advanced] button in the toolbar, click the [Forms] button to the left of the advanced list, and then click on the program that you want to see.

Running Programs

Viewing All Running Programs for All Users

To view all running programs on newer versions of Windows you might need to have administrator privileges. Windows Vista and Windows 7 add extra layers of security so even if you have administrator privileges then you must tell Windows to run InfoFind with administrator privileges otherwise you cannot view all running programs. There are several ways to do this. Each time you run InfoFind you can right-click on its icon and choose the menu [Run as administrator]. Before InfoFind opens Windows will then prompt you to run it or not.

Viewing Start Up Programs for Other Users

Another options allows InfoFind to always be ran with administrator privileges, however if you choose this option then each time you open InfoFind, Windows will prompt you to run it or not. To always run InfoFind as administrator go to the location that you installed InfoFind, right-click on the file [InfoFind.exe], and choose the [Properties] menu. Then you will see the properties dialog; select the 2nd tab, click the checkbox [Run this program as an administrator], and then click the [Ok] button.

Viewing Vista File Properties