How to view Start Up Programs with InfoFind


InfoFind has the ability to show all of the programs that automatically load when you turn on your computer or when you access a common and important program such as a Web Browser or Windows Explorer. There are many programs that run when you first start your computer. If there are too many it can slow down your computer. Some programs you may not want to run at startup or you may want to add a program to the startup. With InfoFind you can remove these programs or add additional programs if you would like too.

How to view all Start Up Programs

To view all Start Up Programs on your computer, first open InfoFind. Then on the side panel click the link [Start Up Programs] or select the menu [Computer]->[Start Up Programs].

Omnicognic InfoFind  Omnicognic InfoFind

You will then see the [Start Up Programs] Form. Depending upon how many Start Up Programs InfoFind finds it might take several seconds or more to display the entire list. Once all Start Up Programs are displayed you can view them in the list and report on them with the toolbar at the top of the screen or by right-clicking on the list for various report options. InfoFind is very useful for computer support and can be used to help determine if your computer is infected with a virus or contains malicious software. In additional to viewing, searching and reporting on start up programs you can add and remove programs from common startup locations with the toolbar at top of the screen.

Start Up Programs

Detailed Information

InfoFind displays detailed information for each program such as command to start the program, vendor information, file size, file date, file version, and the location that specifies how the program is started.

Start Up Programs Detailed Info

Startup Programs that InfoFind Displays

The table below lists an overview of startup programs that InfoFind shows.
Startup Programs
Windows Startup Programs (Registry, Shortcut Files)
Windows File Changes (Delete, File Rename Startup Changes)
Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets
Windows WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI startup info on Win9X Systems
Windows Scheduled Tasks
Windows Services, Drivers, Network & Security Providers, Debuggers, etc
Windows Safe Boot Programs and Drivers
Windows Screen Savers
Windows Shell Programs
Windows Installed Components
Windows Accessibility Programs
Windows Known DLLs
Explorer Extensions
DOS Startup Scripts, Commands, etc
Internet Explorer Add-ons, Policies, etc
Maxthon Browser Plug-ins
Firefox, Flock, Netscape, SeaMonkey, and Mozilla Extensions and Plug-ins
Opera Plug-ins
ICQ Agent

Viewing Startup Programs for Other Users

InfoFind displays startup programs for all users on a computer, however to view this Information you must have administrator privileges for newer versions of Windows. Windows Vista and Windows 7 add extra layers of security so even if you have administrator privileges then you must tell Windows to run InfoFind with administrator privileges otherwise you cannot view startup programs for other users. There are several ways to do this. Each time you run InfoFind you can right-click on its icon and choose the menu [Run as administrator]. Before InfoFind opens Windows will then prompt you to run it or not.

Viewing Start Up Programs for Other Users

Another options allows InfoFind to always be ran with administrator privileges, however if you choose this option then each time you open InfoFind, Windows will prompt you to run it or not. To always run InfoFind as administrator go to the location that you installed InfoFind, right-click on the file [InfoFind.exe], and choose the [Properties] menu. Then you will see the properties dialog; select the 2nd tab, click the checkbox [Run this program as an administrator], and then click the [Ok] button.

Viewing Vista File Properties