Viewing History for Other Users


InfoFind displays history for all users on a computer, however to view this Information you must have administrator privileges for newer versions of Windows. To see an example of computer history click here. Windows Vista adds extra layers of security so even if you have administrator privileges then you must tell Windows Vista to run InfoFind with administrator privileges otherwise you cannot view history for other users. There are several ways to do this. Each time you run InfoFind you can right-click on its icon and choose the menu [Run as administrator]. Before InfoFind opens Windows will then prompt you to run it or not.

Viewing History for Other Users

Always Run as Administrator

Another options allows InfoFind to always be ran with administrator privileges, however if you choose this option then each time you open InfoFind, Windows Vista will prompt you to run it or not. To always run InfoFind as administrator go to the location that you installed InfoFind, right-click on the file [InfoFind.exe], and choose the [Properties] menu. Then you will see the properties dialog; select the 2nd tab, click the checkbox [Run this program as an administrator], and then click the [Ok] button.

Viewing Vista File Properties