How to view the browsing history of Apple Safari with InfoFind


When you browse the Internet with Apple Safari, your computer saves a history of all your actions. This information is very useful but normally you would need to go to many different screens to see it and some of the history such as Temporary Files is hidden. InfoFind will show you all of this information on one easy to use screen and if you have administrative privileges InfoFind will show the information for all users on your computer. Your history can be accessed with the free version of InfoFind so if you’re curious then download and install InfoFind today.

Benefits of Web Browser History

Many programs falsely claim to help fix your computer by clearing this information but they are usually harmful programs that scam people for money, and in fact clearing this information slows down many features while only moderately speeding up startup times. Basically you can think of your computer as a book. In the back of many books there is an index; it doesn’t take up many pages and helps you quickly find what you need. A computer works the same way; it has many indexes that take several extra seconds to open when you first turn on your computer, but then when you use your computer they actually help speed it up. With InfoFind you can clear this information if you want to keep it private otherwise there is no need to delete it.

How to Read the History of Apple Safari

To read the history of Apple Safari on your computer, first open InfoFind. Then on the side panel click the link [Computer History] or select the menu [Computer]->[Computer History].

Omnicognic InfoFind  Omnicognic InfoFind

You will then see the Computer History Form. Click on the button [View History] at the top of the form. The tree list on the left side of the form lists all of the history on your computer. Click on any item to see the history for that item. Apple Safari history will be listed under the topic “Internet”-“Apple Safari”. All versions of Apple Safari are supported.

Apple Safari History