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InfoFind - Top Award Rating of 5-Cows from the popular site Tucows InfoFind - Editor's Pick from Brothersoft InfoFind - Editor's Pick from WareSeeker InfoFind - Software.Informer Editor's pick award InfoFind - Softpedia "100% CLEAN" Award (Click here for more information) Top Rating of 5-Stars from Top Rating of 5-Stars from Top Rating of 5-Stars from Top Rating of 5-Stars from Verified clean from Top Rating of 5-Stars from Top Rating of 5-Stars from

Editor's Pick Award from Software Site

InfoFind on the Site!

Wareseeker is one of top 5 professional software directories in the world and currently serving about 2 million page views per day. Wareseeker has recognized InfoFind with an Editor's Pick Award.

Review: InfoFind is a useful tool which can bring you many benefits.

Video Review of InfoFind from the Top Software Site Tucows/Butterscotch - is one of the most popular and trusted technology sites in the World. is a division of Tucows and hosts a variety of shows and video tutorials that teach you how to use technology in language that everyone can understand. This video provides an overview of InfoFind.

Review: InfoFind has received the Top Award Rating of 5-Cows from Tucows.

Great Review from the Popular Free Software Site

InfoFind on the Site! is a popular site for free games and software downloads and gave InfoFind a very positive review in April of 2009.

Review: Find all of those miscellaneous pieces of information on your system by downloading InfoFind. InfoFind will index your pc's entire history, making any piece of information a piece of cake to find. Encrypt files, creates drawings and webpage slideshows with InfoFind. It turns your pc into the type of computer that you would expect to see in the movies, simple and quick to use. Download today, simply your life.

Great Review from the Oldest Software Review Site

InfoFind on the Site! is the oldest Software Review Site InfoFind was rated at top rating of 5-Stars for Performance, User Friendly, Cost, Ease of Installation, and Support by one of the sites Software Reviewers in March of 2009.

Reviewed by: Joe Tex

Review: So who needs InfoFind? That is an easy question to answer - EVERYONE! InfoFind does so many things that both the novice computer user to the advanced user will find themselves using InfoFind to do many tasks better and easier.

In conclusion run - don't walk to the InfoFind site and download it!

Superior Coding Contest Winner from - All Time Hall of Fame

Planet Source Code is the largest public source code database on the Internet and InfoFind Web Tools is listed in the All-Time Hall of Fame for October 2008.

Editor's Pick and Top Review from Top Software Site Informer

Software Informer with Top Rating for InfoFind!

Software Informer is one of the most popular software sites worldwide and in the United States; it keeps track of, rates, and reviews software that is installed on computers around the world. InfoFind received an Editor's Pick Award and 5-Star Rating from Software Informer with the following details:

Reviewed by: Daniel Ángel Romero

Advantages: It’s a handy way to access several utilities from a single interface.

Disadvantages: None.

Editor's Pick of the Week from Software Site

Brothersoft with InfoFind as Editor's Pick of the Week!

Brothersoft is one of the top software download sites worldwide and in the United States and during the week of September 28th, 2008 InfoFind was featured as an Editor’s Pick of the Week on their Home Page. To visit Brothersoft’s website click here and to see Brothersoft’s Blog on this topic click the image above.