Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Omnicognic mean?

Omnicognic is latin for "all knowing" or "to have all knowledge".

What is InfoFind?

InfoFind is a computer program that you can use to find and view information, edit files, work with databases, and much more. With InfoFind you can learn new things and make better use of time spent on your computer! Some of the main features of InfoFind include:

  • Ability to View and Clear a Computer's History
  • Look up words with InfoFind's Dictionary
  • Convert between Metric, Imperial, and Traditional Units
  • Perform Advanced Calculations with one of many Calculators
  • File Management, File Viewing, and File Editing
  • Creating Drawings and Sketches with a Tablet PC
  • View Pictures, Resize Images, and Create Web Page Slide Shows
  • View, Edit, and Search all Popular Database Formats
  • Easily Create Databases Applications at Home or at Work
  • Computer Security Help and System Information
  • File and Text Encryption
Why was InfoFind created?

When computers are featured in movies people are able to use them to find information instantly, however in reality it often takes a long time to find information or create and edit documents. InfoFind was created to make working on your computer easier as it is done in movies. InfoFind improves your computer experience because InfoFind organizes a variety of files and data from different programs into one easy to use program, and InfoFind allows you to do many difficult computer tasks with ease. InfoFind works with all versions of Windows and provides easy to use help with every screen so that you always know what to do.

Is InfoFind free?

InfoFind is completely free; this applies to both consumers and businesses. Originally most features of InfoFind were free and some features were only enabled after purchasing a software unlock key for $49.99. In 2010 InfoFind was made completely free and all limitations were removed.

Does InfoFind include spyware or advertisements?

InfoFind includes no third party advertising programs such as spyware or adware. In fact most features don't require an Internet connection, no personal information is required to download, and no information is ever submitted by InfoFind. If blocked by a Firewall the only features that won’t work are web browsing within InfoFind and possibly some corporate database connections.

Why is InfoFind Free? How do you stay in Business?

Rather than selling InfoFind Omnicognic provides InfoFind for free and recommends additional software online through partnership and affiliate programs and receives commissions for the affiliated links. Omnicognic also has new online products planned in the future and will run online ads for these products.

Does clearing Computer History and Internet Files help speed up my Computer?

Many programs falsely claim to help fix your computer by clearing this information but they are usually harmful programs that scam people for money, and in fact clearing this information slows down many features while only moderately speeding up startup times. Basically you can think of your computer as a book. In the back of many books there is an index; it doesn’t take up many pages and helps you quickly find what you need. A computer works the same way; it has many indexes that take several extra seconds to open when you first turn on your computer, but then when you use your computer they actually help speed it up. With InfoFind you can clear this information if you want to keep it private otherwise there is no need to delete it.

Is InfoFind available in languages other then English?

InfoFind is currently available only in English; however new languages will become available as Omnicognic expands.

Are there other Programs like InfoFind?

There are programs that have certain features of InfoFind, but InfoFind is unique in the fact that it provides so much in one program and is easy and fast to use. Here are a few examples of how InfoFind is different:

Computer History Viewing / Deleting
Other Programs: Very few programs display history but a number of spyware and harmful programs claim to clear history. Those that can actually view history just display the history for a few programs or only a portion of the history. Most often programs that can't view the history but try to delete it harm the computer by damaging critical system files. Most programs that just clear history are actually spam, spyware, or malware programs and do much more harm then good and often don't actually delete the files they claim too. Deleting History Files without knowing how to read them is like removing a part on a car without knowing what it is or how it works. Any program that wants you to reboot your computer to delete history files may cause damage to your operating system and the stability of your computer. If a program cannot read the history then it simply shouldn’t be used to clear it. InfoFind: InfoFind displays all history for all programs on one easy to use screen and InfoFind displays the history to the most detailed level showing exact times a program, file, or web page was accessed and how many times it was accessed. InfoFind displays a lot of hidden information that other programs can’t find, and InfoFind knows how to properly delete all history that it shows. With proper privileges on the computer (Admin/Power User permissions) you can even view history for other users on the computer. In addition to this InfoFind provides easy to use reporting and searching for your computer's history.
Unit Conversion (i.e.: Imperial Foot to Metric Meter)
Other Programs: Most programs that perform unit conversion calculate the units incorrectly. For example most programs will convert a foot to meter then to an inch rather then converting similar units together; when doing this some programs will even show a 11.9999 inches in a foot rather then the correct answer of 12. Many programs on the internet are simply copies of each other, contain no references to where the calculations are from and will always have a few completely incorrect calculations. To appear advanced some programs will try to offer advanced settings with many decimal points and then allow you to see a result of “9.9999999...” rather then the correct result. In addition to getting basic calculations wrong many of these programs are confusing and hard to use. InfoFind: InfoFind is the best solution possible for unit conversion because InfoFind contains the most accurate calculations for over 1,000 units in more then 80 categories. However rather then display an overwhelming number of units only the most common units are displayed at first. InfoFind is simple and easy to use with quick searching and filtering of results. All unit conversion calculations that InfoFind uses are be based entirely upon the most widely used and referred to standards; and InfoFind can display the formulas that it uses to calculate.
Other Programs: Encryption is a very advanced topic, but being able to use encryption is important for things like file backups or transferring files or sending private emails. There are many very good encryption programs on the market but often they are too difficult for most people to use. Many of these are also expensive. InfoFind: InfoFind provides very easy to use file encryption and very easy to use text/message encryption. InfoFind can encrypt multiple files and folders at the same time and can even encrypt the file names so that your information is completely confidential.
Other Programs: Databases are very useful to keep track of information, but they are often hard to use and require many different programs from different database vendors. Database programs can also be very costly and it can be difficult to find data in a database. InfoFind: InfoFind works with all popular databases and includes the ability to create custom Applications with Data Entry and Search Forms. InfoFind also allows you to quickly access many databases from a single screen and InfoFind allows for easy reporting in common formats such as Excel, CSV, and Web Reports. When first Installed InfoFind includes support for IBM AS/400, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Teradata. One unique feature is InfoFind's Database Data Finder that allows you to search through an entire database to find search criteria located anywhere in the database. In addition to the out of the box support InfoFind provides options for adding and customizing any database that you need to access.
Computer System Information
Other Programs: There are many programs that display portions of a computer’s system information. Some of these programs are harmful, but some work well so it can be confusing to know what to use. For example, many programs claim to display computer startup programs and then they will display 10 to 20 programs while there is actually 100’s of programs that startup when you turn on your computer. Even most programs that can actually display valid system information make it hard to access and report on. InfoFind: InfoFind provides a number of features for viewing, searching, and reporting on computer system information. For example, for startup programs InfoFind will display all startup programs for all users when you first turn on your computer or open a web browser on a single screen. In addition to simply displaying and filtering the information InfoFind allows you to create Excel, Web Page, or Text Reports so that you can easily share this information other people or with computer support personal.
How often is InfoFind updated?

InfoFind will usually be updated several times per year.

Do I need to upgrade InfoFind frequently?

No, once you install InfoFind you are never required to install a new version or upgrade it. Once installed it is always intended to work without having to download new patches and versions. Most software companies try to force computer users to upgrade constantly, while Omnicognic understands that many businesses and consumers have computers that are 5 to 10 years old or older. As long as you can turn on your computer Omnicognic intends on having software that will help you with whatever computer you need to work with.

Does InfoFind require a Fast Computer to Run?

No InfoFind checks the computer to determine the best way to run, and InfoFind will run fast on an old Windows 95 Computer or a top of the line Windows 7 Computer.

What Computers can InfoFind Run on?

InfoFind can run on all versions of Windows since Windows 95. The same setup file works for all versions. Reports or files generated by InfoFind can be used on non-Windows computers such as Apple Mac.

Is there any way to run InfoFind on a Mac?

Yes, newer Apple Mac computers support Microsoft Windows by dual booting the computer with Boot Camp or through Virtualization. However InfoFind will not display the computer history of the Mac Computer. Even without the history feature are many benefits of purchasing Windows and installing it along with InfoFind on a Mac. A version of InfoFind specifically made for Apple Computer will likely be available in the future so please check back soon.

Will a Linux/Unix Version of InfoFind be available in the future?

Omnicognic intends upon developing software for all computers so a version of InfoFind specifically made for Linux/Unix will likely be available in the future. Currently reports generated from InfoFind can be viewed on Linux Computers and InfoFind Web Tools is tested on and made not only for Linux, but all major browser platforms.

Does InfoFind run on WINE on Linux or Mac?

It will install and run but very slowly and most features do not work and it usually crashes at some point. InfoFind is heavily dependent upon a large number of Windows APIs and InfoFind is written in VB6 so it’s unlikely that it will ever work correctly on WINE. Versions of InfoFind are planned specifically for Linux and Mac in the future so stay tuned for more. You can sign up for email updates from the download page if you want.

Is Omnicognic on any Social Sites?

Yes, Omnicognic is on Twitter and Facebook however at time these pages have simply been reserved for later and Omnicognic is not active on these sites. As Omnicognic expands then these will be used.

When was InfoFind first released?

InfoFind was released in July, 2008. The reason the copyright date starts with 2001 is because InfoFind was written over a seven year period before being released to the public.

What Databases does InfoFind work with?

When first Installed InfoFind includes support for IBM AS/400, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Teradata. In addition to the out of the box support InfoFind provides options for adding and customizing any database that you need to access. InfoFind allows you to quickly access many databases from a single screen and InfoFind allows for easy reporting in common formats such as Excel, CSV, and Web Reports.

What Support Options are offered for InfoFind?

The support link will allow you to submit questions and to view a list of help topics. Currently new help topics are being added on a regular basis. Additional support options may become available as Omnicognic expands.

What programming language is InfoFind written in?

InfoFind is written entirely in Visual Basic 6 and includes several DLLs that are written in C/C++. Future versions of InfoFind are planned to be written in .NET for Windows and Mono for Max/Linux.

How many lines of source code did it take to write InfoFind?

InfoFind includes over 150,000 lines of Visual Basic source code which contain more than 1,800,000 words and more than 5,900,000 characters (letters/numbers). By comparison the King James Version of the Christian Bible contains 774,746 words and 3,566,480 characters so if the source code of InfoFind was printed out it would be 165% larger than the Bible.

Where is Omnicognic Located?

Omnicognic is based out of Beverly Hills, California, United States of America.

Is Omnicognic Hiring?

Not at this time, as jobs become available they may be listed on this site at a later date.