How to use InfoFind Web Tools

InfoFind Web Tools

InfoFind Web Tools is a client-side toolkit for web page designers and developers that is completely free to use in commercial or open source products and for either business or personal web pages. It contains several JavaScript Files that help make web pages more interactive. Many of the features can be used without having to write any JavaScript code and it is designed to work with all popular browsers on Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux. To see many useful demos of InfoFind Web Tools then click here to download InfoFind Web Tools, demo files, and documentation. Below are some samples to give you an idea of what you can develop with InfoFind Web Tools.

Special Notice – InfoFind Web Tools is focused on web application development such as database applications. InfoFind Web Tools does have some animation features but if you are looking only for animation scripts or larger control libraries you might want to check out one of the following JavaScript Libraries (, scripty2, jQuery, MooTools) or JavaScript Frameworks (Yahoo YUI, BBC Glow, Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit). InfoFind Web Tools is written in a way so that is it easy to modify and copy individual functions that you need for your applications. Many updates will be coming in 2011 so please check back later.
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Advanced Table Sorting

InfoFind Web Tools allows designers and developers to easily add advanced sorting to tables on a web page. InfoFind determines the type of data being sorted and can even sort mixed data types. The sort order that InfoFind uses is Blanks, Numbers/Currency/File Size, Dates, and Text (Case-Insensitive, but if Equal Upper First). To sort the list click on any of the column headers in the table to the right, and to see a support document on this topic click here.
Fade In with Resize
Roll Right
Move to Random Border with Effects
Move in Circle
Up and Circle Clockwise

Web Page Animation (Click to Demonstrate)

InfoFind Web Tools includes a number of functions to add animation to a web page. Many web sites use Flash or similar programs for animation but a problem with using Flash is that not all users have it installed and if they do it sometimes is not stable so it’s frequently turned off. HTML animation is generally harder to write and more limited but it allows for a wider audience. When creating web page animations an artist or developer has to weigh the benefits of each one. If you choose to go with HTML animation then InfoFind Web Tools can make animating a web page much easier to do because the functions are easy to call and it works with all major web browsers on all major operating systems. To see animation with InfoFind Web Tools click the examples to the left, and to see a support document on this topic click here.

Picture Slide Shows

InfoFind desktop application for Windows allows anyone to easily create photo and picture slide shows. There are many ways that the slide shows can be used such as adding it to a web site or creating a picture CD/DVD. If you want to customize the slide show you can use InfoFind Web Tools to do so. To see an example slide show click any image to the right, and to see a support document on this topic click here.
CSS Form Validation
Number (50 To 100) *
Decimal Number (50 To 100) *
Number (Any Size)*
Currency *
JavaScript Date
Date Range (-30 Days to 30 Days)

CSS Form Validation

InfoFind Web Tools has many functions for easily working with Web Forms. This includes functions for reading/writing to controls and functions for automatically validating a wide range of data types without having to add any JavaScript to the web page. The sample web form to the left provides an example of several validation rules. To test each rule click [Test] at the bottom of the form, and then to fix each error click on the [Fix] button next to the control that you want to fix. To see a support document on this topic click here.

Working with Data Types

InfoFind Web Tools provides many functions for working with data types such as Strings, Numbers, and Currency. To see a few examples click on the buttons to the right. The button [Test Number Formats] will show the same number formatted for different languages and that the formatted number can be converted back to a JavaScript Number. The button [Test Math Rounding] will show a common floating point error that can occur with JavaScript Applications and how InfoFind can fix it. Many Application and Database Developers are familiar with the Database LIKE operator and not familiar with Regular Expressions (JavaScript RegExp Object). This third button [Test IsLike Function] takes a Database LIKE pattern and converts it to RegExp syntax. This allows for Database Developers to write JavaScript "LIKE" code without having to learn the details of RegExp.
Change Page Style    

Item to Change

Working with Web Page and Individual Elements

InfoFind Web Tools provides many useful functions for working with web page documents, CSS styles, and individual page elements. These functions allow a developer to customize how a page will be viewed and how it will work. InfoFind Web Tools works with all popular browsers on Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux so if you develop your web pages with InfoFind Web Tools then you can be confident that your web site will display correctly to all users. To see a few examples of how InfoFind can change a web page or web page elements change the value from the drop-down list or click on the buttons to the left.

Partial Page Updates (AJAX)

InfoFind Web Tools contains functions that allow for a web page to update individual elements on the page without refreshing the entire page. This technique is commonly referred to as AJAX which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Partial page updates can be effectively used when creating web applications. To see a sample of a partial page update with InfoFind Web Tools click on the button to the right.

InfoFind Create Reports with InfoFind

Using InfoFind for Windows you can create web reports for database data, file and folder lists, computer information, and much more. With InfoFind you can also create high-quality thumbnail images and web page slide shows. Web Reports created with InfoFind are licensed under BSD so you are free to use them and modify them in any site you develop with.