Overview of InfoFind

InfoFind is best represented by its name. InfoFind was created for finding information that is both useful and not always accessible with other programs or easily found online. The majority of InfoFind’s features can be grouped into four different categories: Computer Information, Database Information, File Information, and General Information.

InfoFind Overview Chart

10 Reasons to use InfoFind

When you browse the Internet or open a file, your computer saves history of all your actions. This information is often helpful because it can improve tasks such web browsing speed and finding and opening files. However if you are on a public computer or if you want to keep your history private then you probably want this information cleared so no one else can access it. Some of the history can be viewed with your web browsers but most of it is hidden. And for the history that is displayed a number of important details such as number of page views, and time viewed are not displayed. InfoFind will show you all of this information to the most detailed level possible. InfoFind solves the problem of viewing, searching, and clearing computer history because it displays all of your computer's history on one easy to use screen and InfoFind allows you to choose what you want to delete.

Computer Forensics

InfoFind has many easy to use calculators that can help you. With InfoFind you can work with all numbers on the same screen, look up roman numerals, and if you ever need to work with advanced formulas or large numbers InfoFind can provide the answer.


InfoFind can convert the most common metric, imperial, and traditional units; for example converting miles to kilometers, or converting pyong or tsubo to square meters. InfoFind includes more then 1,000 measurements for 82 different categories. InfoFind includes the most widely used measurements in the world, measurements specific to individual countries, scientific measurements, and astronomical measurements. InfoFind provides over 54,000 different conversions, and can convert measurements of any size. Measurement conversion with InfoFind is very easy to use.

Measurement Conversion

When you install InfoFind you can have a free dictionary and thesaurus right on your computer that you can use to quickly look up words and how to correctly spell them. No internet connection is required so you can use InfoFind's dictionary on a plane or anytime you do not have internet access.

English Dictionary and Thesaurus

System Tools

InfoFind has many features that allow you to view and report on your computer's system information. For example all computers access hundreds of programs and files when they start. InfoFind will display all of this information for all users on your computer in a single report. This is useful if you are looking for a virus on your computer or if you want to determine why it takes so long to start.

System Tools

Databases are very useful if you want to keep track of information, but they are often hard to use and require many different programs from different database vendors. InfoFind works with all popular databases and allows you to view and make changes to any database on your computer or network. InfoFind takes the complexity out of working with databases so you can be productive and organize information the way you would like too.

Database Viewing

With InfoFind you can export any database query to Excel with one button click.

Database Excel Reports

InfoFind provides the ability to search through an entire database to find search criteria such as a text phrase or number. You can use this feature to help determine the format of a database or the location of data in a database.

Database Search Options

Database Search Results

File Viewing

InfoFind provides a built-in file viewer that allows you to access any file or folder on your computer. With InfoFind you can view and edit many different types of files with one program and you can generate Excel Reports for files searches or folders.

File Viewing

InfoFind includes a picture viewer and has the ability to export and resize a folder of images with many different and easy to use options. For example if you want thumbnails for a web page and all thumbnails to be of the same height and resized with the highest quality then InfoFind can help with this.

Image Resizing

Easy to use and works with all Versions of Windows

InfoFind includes many different features and handles a large number of file types; because of this InfoFind provides excellent help and is made so that it is easy to use. InfoFind can run on all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7. InfoFind checks the computer to determine the best way to run, so InfoFind will run fast on an old Windows 95 Computer or a top of the line Windows 7 Computer. The style of how forms displayed in InfoFind are consistent with the style of applications for the version of Windows that you are using. Reports or files generated by InfoFind can be used on non-Windows computers such as Apple Mac.

Easy To Use - Query Help