How to use InfoFind for Law Enforcement and Military Investigations


This document will summarize how InfoFind can be used by Law Enforcement and Military Personnel in computer forensics investigations.

Computer Forensics and InfoFind

Computer forensics is a very advanced and complex topic and most forensics programs require a significant amount of training and technical expertise. InfoFind is different because InfoFind is a first class forensics program that is very easy to use. Rather then having to use many programs to access forensic information such as file and web history, InfoFind can be used and it will display all Information for all popular web browsers and many popular programs on the same screen. A lot of people try to clear this information but with regular programs it is not possible to clear all of it and InfoFind has the ability to display important details such as number of web page views, and time viewed of files, devices, or web pages. With administrative privileges InfoFind will show computer history for all users on a computer.

InfoFind is not intended to replace existing forensic analysis and techniques that your agency or department may use but rather InfoFind can be added to your collection of forensic solutions. The downloadable version of InfoFind on this site works running on live computer systems with a valid login as opposed to running from a bootable disk or other device. If the intended use of InfoFind is to gather or display court evidence then the investigator needs to be familiar with how to properly use digital evidence for the local jurisdiction. To learn how to view history with InfoFind on a computer click here for a support document. InfoFind can be completely customized for your agency’s needs so if you have any questions or if you would like a version made specifically for your agency such as a version to run from a bootable disk then please contact sales. Omnicognic has significant experience with many specialized computers forensics topics such as reverse engineering binary file formats and detailed knowledge of Windows Internals and Registry; with this knowledge Omnicognic can help your agency with a variety of advanced computer, database, and forensics needs.
Viewing Computer History with InfoFind