How to use InfoFind for Engineering and Science


This document will summarize a number of features that InfoFind has and how it can be used to increase productivity for engineers and scientist. InfoFind is a free program that you can use to find and view information, edit files, work with databases, and much more. With InfoFind you can learn new things and make better use of time spent on your computer!

InfoFind Measurement Conversion Measurement Conversion

InfoFind can convert the most common metric, imperial, and traditional units; for example converting miles to kilometers, or converting pyong or tsubo to square meters. InfoFind includes more then 1,000 measurements for 82 different categories. InfoFind included the most widely used measurements in the world, measurements specific to individual countries, scientific measurements, and astronomical measurements. InfoFind provides over 54,000 different conversions, and can convert measurements of any size. Measurement conversion with InfoFind is very easy to use. To learn more click here.

InfoFind Calculators Calculators

InfoFind has several calculators that you can use to calculate many formulas at once on the same screen, work with advanced math problems, convert any base from 2 to 96 including decimal numbers, write your own numbering systems, look up Roman numerals, and more. To learn more click here.

InfoFind Dictionary Dictionary

When you install InfoFind you can have a free dictionary and thesaurus right on your computer. You can then use InfoFind to quickly look up the definitions or synonyms of words, and how to correctly spell words that you misspell.

InfoFind Computer History View Computer History

When you browse the Internet or open files, the computer saves a history of all actions. Some of the history can be viewed but some of the history is hidden and cannot be accessed with standard programs. This is a topic of computer forensics and is traditionally of interest to law enforcement; however this information is very useful for anyone and can allow you to find files and web pages that you visited but forgot where they are located. If you bill time to different projects then you can easily and quickly determine what you did at the end of the day without having to keep track of your time throughout the day.

InfoFind Notes Notes and Tablet PC

With any version of Windows and InfoFind you can easily create, edit, and delete notes without having to worry about opening and saving them. With a Tablet PC, Touch Screen Computer, or Windows Vista and InfoFind you can easily create drawings, sketches, and write handwritten notes. To lean more about Tablet PCs click here.

InfoFind File Viewer View Files and Create Reports

InfoFind allows you to view and edit many different types of files with one program and you can quickly filter through files in a folder to find what you are looking for. InfoFind can also put many different types of data in text or Excel reports so you if use a database, or want computer or folder information in an Excel report then you can use InfoFind to do this.

InfoFind Encryption Encryption and Security

Encryption is a technique for taking information such as a message or file and making it secret. Decryption takes the secret information and makes it readable again. Encryption and decryption are very useful; for example if you want to create a backup of your important computer files it is a good idea to encrypt it to keep your information private. Many encryption programs are often very difficult to use, but InfoFind takes the complexity out of encryption and allows anyone to encrypt and decrypt their computer information. In addition to encryption InfoFind includes a number of features that can help with computer security.