How to use InfoFind at your Business or Government Agency


This document will summarize a number of features that InfoFind has and how it can be used to increase productivity in your business or government agency. InfoFind can be freely installed on all computers at your business. To see some examples of how InfoFind can be used in your business a number of relevant topics are listed below. InfoFind can be completely customized for your business’s needs so if you have any questions or if you would like a version made specifically for your business then please contact sales.

InfoFind - View and Edit Databases View, Edit, and Search Databases

Databases are very useful to keep track of information, but they are often hard to use and require many different programs from different database vendors. InfoFind works with all popular databases and includes the ability to create custom Applications with Data Entry and Search Forms. InfoFind also includes the ability to query any database from a single screen and search through all fields in a database. InfoFind takes the complexity out of working with databases so employees can be productive and organize information in a more efficient way.

InfoFind - Information Tools Numerous Information Tools

InfoFind includes many features that are helpful for finding and using everyday information. InfoFind's has an English dictionary containing over 147,000 words, and InfoFind includes several calculators that are useful for working with many formulas at once or calculating advanced math problems. InfoFind can convert the most common metric, imperial, and traditional units; for example converting miles to kilometers, or converting pyong or tsubo to square meters. InfoFind also includes various forms to use on a Tablet PC, and provides the ability to encrypt files and data.

InfoFind - System Information View and Report on Computer System Information

InfoFind provides a number of features for viewing, searching, and reporting on computer system information. For example, for startup programs InfoFind will display all startup programs for all users when the computer is first turned on or when a web browser is opened on a single screen. In addition to simply displaying and filtering the information InfoFind provides the ability to create Excel, Web Page, or Text Reports so that system information can be easily shared with computer support staff.

InfoFind - Computer History View Computer History

When users browse the Internet or open files, the computer saves a history of all actions. Some of the history can be viewed but some of the history is hidden and cannot be accessed with standard programs. This is a topic of computer forensics and is traditionally of interest to law enforcement, however this information is very useful for anyone and can allow for employees who bill time to different projects to easily and quickly determine what they did at the end of the day without having to keep track of their time throughout the day.

InfoFind Web Tools InfoFind Web Tools

InfoFind Web Tools is for web page designers and developers and it is completely free to use. It contains a number of files with helpful tutorials and documents that you can use in your business to help make web pages for your web sites more interactive. The support section of this web site is also frequently updated with tutorials on how you can benefit from using InfoFind Web Tools on your web sites.