How you can use InfoFind at Home or on your Laptop


This document will show a number of different ways that you can use InfoFind for personal use on your home computer or laptop. InfoFind is a free program that you can use to find and view information, edit files, work with databases, and much more. With InfoFind you can learn new things and make better use of time spent on your computer!

InfoFind - Computer History View Computer History

When you browse the Internet or open a file, your computer saves a history of all your actions. Some of the history can be viewed with your web browsers but most of it is hidden. And for the history that is displayed a number of important details such as number of page views, and time viewed are not displayed. InfoFind will show you all of this information and if you have administrative privileges InfoFind will show the information for all users on your computer. To learn how to view history on your computer click here for a support document.

InfoFind - Dictionary and Thesaurus Dictionary and Thesaurus

When you install InfoFind you can have a free dictionary and thesaurus right on your computer. You can then use InfoFind to quickly look up the definitions or synonyms of words, and how to correctly spell words that you misspell.

InfoFind - Calculators Calculators and Information Tools

InfoFind includes several calculators that are useful for working with many formulas or numbers at the same time, converting Roman numerals to modern numbers, and calculating advanced math problems. InfoFind can convert the most common metric, imperial, and traditional units; for example converting miles to kilometers, or converting pyong or tsubo to square meters.

InfoFind - File Viewer View Files and Create Web Page Slideshows

InfoFind allows you to view and edit many different types of files with one program and you can use InfoFind to create high quality animated web page slide shows of your photos and pictures. Web page slide shows are great for Web Sites or Photo CD’s.

InfoFind - Drawings Drawings and Notes

With a Tablet PC, Touch Screen Computer, or Windows Vista and InfoFind you can easily create drawings, sketches, and write handwritten notes. To learn more about how to draw and write with InfoFind click here. For all versions of Windows InfoFind includes the ability to enter multiple notes without having to worry where save them. All drawing and note taking features in InfoFind are very easy to use.

InfoFind - System Information Computer System Information

InfoFind provides a number of features for viewing, searching, and reporting on computer system information. For example, for startup programs InfoFind will display all startup programs for all users when you first turn on your computer or open a web browser on a single screen. In addition to simply displaying and filtering the information InfoFind allows you to create Excel, Web Page, or Text Reports so that you can easily share this information other people or with computer support personal.

InfoFind - Encryption Encryption and Security

Encryption is a technique for taking information such as a message or file and making it secret. Decryption takes the secret information and makes it readable again. Encryption and decryption are very useful for most people; for example if you want to create a backup of your important computer files it is a good idea to encrypt it to keep your information private. Many encryption programs are often very difficult to use, but InfoFind takes the complexity out of encryption and allows anyone to encrypt and decrypt their computer information. In addition to encryption InfoFind includes a number of features that can help with computer security.

InfoFind - Database View, Edit, and Search Databases

Databases are very useful if you want to keep track of information, but they are often hard to use. InfoFind works with all popular databases and includes several easy to use databases for keeping track of personal finances and keeping track of personal medical history. In addition to including several databases InfoFind can be fully customized to create new database forms and applications.