Special Notice as of November 2012

This site and the software program InfoFind have not been updated since 2010. A future version of InfoFind is planned however a date for future updates is not yet known. If you download InfoFind most features will work, however one of the main features the [Computer History] screen will display errors on Windows 7 and below when a new version of Firefox or Google Chrome is installed and many errors will be displayed when using Windows 8. These issues will be fixed in the future and InfoFind is being redesigned for a friendlier interface, fewer screens, and focused with improvements core features. Please check back in the future for additional updates.

Welcome to Omnicognic

Omnicognic is the maker of the award winning computer program InfoFind. InfoFind is a free program that works with all versions of Windows. It's quick to download, simple to install, includes no advertising, and is easy to use. InfoFind has something useful for everyone so try it today!


Why use InfoFind

InfoFind is a free program that you can use to find and view information, edit files, work with databases, and much more. With InfoFind you can learn new things and make better use of time spent on your computer! Some of the main features of InfoFind include:

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Overview of InfoFind and 10 Reasons to use it

InfoFind includes features and forms that are both useful for everyone and easy to use.

Award Winning Software

InfoFind has been recognized by many sites including some of the top software sites worldwide. See the reviews page for more and please review several pages on this site to learn about how you can benefit with software from Omnicognic.

InfoFind - Award Winning Software